What kind of destination each Zodiac Sign LOVES traveling to?

Traveling is a universally exciting experience! Some prefer going to the mountains, while others rather going to a big and sprawling new city.

So, what kind of destination would each Zodiac Sign go to in a heartbeat? Knowing this will help you surprise your friend or significant other with a getaway to their favorite spot. Read on to find out:


Don’t dare to take Aries to a quiet weekend inside of a cabin. They LOVE action, sports, and outdoor activities.

Their favorite holiday destination could be a sunny beach, a dreamlike mountain, or any place that offers all-day adventure experiences.

As long as their heart rate goes fast, Aries will be happy.


Taurus won’t like to spend their vacations exerting themselves. They love to relax as much as they can, enjoy culinary cuisine, and long bubble baths.

This is why their top travel destination will be an all-inclusive resort surrounded by nature outside the city. A nice view while enjoying a massage will sure be enough for them to give a wonderful time.


A remote location, with nothing to do but admire nature sounds like a boring vacation plan for Gemini.

They love having fun, being around large crowds of people, and laughing all day and night. So, their favorite destination will be a big metropolis that never sleeps! Such as New York, Tokyo, or Buenos Aires!

As long as there is another party to go to, there will be nothing to worry about.


Cancer doesn’t need to go too far for a dream vacation. They will actually prefer to visit their childhood hometown that brings back such fond memories.

And if they feel extra adventurous, they will choose to go on a journey to discover where their ancestors were born.

Perhaps a small village in a remote country will connect them to their heritage and fulfill their heart.


Leo does not have a particular favorite place to visit. They usually choose according to their gut feeling and not following a plan.They love self-discovery trips and go on vacations to find themselves. So, any place that can help them with this task will be perfect! Although it’s better to let them guide the way and not try to impose your biases on them.


A spontaneous road trip won’t make Virgo jump with excitement. They avoid unpredictable locations and messy schedules, so it’s better to plan things ahead when it comes to travel.

They appreciate any location with a wide cultural background. Virgo is very smart and curious and will enjoy spending some time learning about the place they are visiting.

For example, going to the old World will be an excellent travel destination.


Libra loves art, museums, and culture. They choose their travel destinations based on their, opera houses, architecture, and aesthetics.

This is why they like traveling to Paris, Prague, Toscana, or any place that enchants them with its beautiful scenery! They fall in love with captivating streets and tiny cafes and treasure each memory in their hearts.


If Scorpio goes on a journey, it won’t be just around the corner. They are intense and their travels usually entail a dramatic transformation.

They will probably choose a natural location with powerful energy, such as a mighty volcano, or a remote island.

Grounding with the deep forces of these types of destinations helps Scorpio reach its true power and overcome any crises.


Sagittarius LOVES to travel. Anywhere, everywhere… if they have the chance to live on the road, they will take it without hesitation!

They tend to prefer remote destinations, with very different cultures from their own. They love adventure and beautiful, exotic places.

Although the destination will not really be relevant in the end. As long as it’s new, Sagittarius will be happy!


Capricorn is very tough, and doesn’t care much about luxury or comfort. They like challenging and far-away places, so they’ll avoid mainstream destinations.

They like camping in remote locations, hiking big mountains, and remain away from the crowd.


As long as it’s a weird, creative, and unconventional destination, Aquarius will be satisfied. They need to feel free, no matter how peculiar and diverse they are from the rest.So a perfect travel destination will be where people are avant-garde and rebellious. Amsterdam, for instance, could be a great choice.


Pisces wanders more inside their mind than in the physical world. They have very sensitive energy and travel to develop their sixth sense.

So destinations with great spiritual force such as Machu Picchu, Katmandu, or India will be their favorite choice.

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