Understanding Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Do you celebrate your birthday between 20th January to 18th February? If so, you belong to the pure and independent Aquarius.

In this article, we’re going to give you all the details about this unique air sign. To do this, we should always start with the basics and look to what represents this sign. It is…

The Water-bearer

Aquarius is the only sign in the Zodiac that is symbolised by one human figure, and it is a man who carries water. This is not the water of the three water signs; the water that Aquarius carries is drinkable, showing the desires having been tamed and purified. This is why Aquarius is a sign of logic, as logic functions best when there is no desire. And this is why Aquarius is associated with science and the ability to see clear.

It also sets your Aquarian energy apart from the rest, making you somewhat unguessable and aloof.

Aquarius is the fixed Air sign

The fixed air sign is the exploration of everything related to this element, but unlike a phone call or a newspaper, products of the fixed air sign are supposed to last and have a permanence to them, a reliability. Anything from the law to long-term planning, and practice, as well as the tried and tested scientific method.

The Key-Phrase of Aquarius is ‘I know’

Aquarius is the sign of logic, irrespective of emotions and our own desires, and is why the Sun doesn’t do well in this sign, the dominate star of our skies, and the reason you are an Aquarius. So much of your Sun energy is therefore about sacrifice, as you give yourself up to wider, more humane concerns: and knowledge is a big one. Look at how much societies have achieved because of science and technology.

Aquarius is ruled by Saturn

That Saturn rules this sign reveals why if you are Aquarius, you may have an odd way about you. This is because the Sun in Aquarius is opposite to its own house of Leo, which can make the Sun be a little bit eccentric, and one of the reasons why Aquarius is considered rebellious, inventor and game-changer. But that’s because it’s the Sun in Aquarius, not Saturn, which is more conservative and serious.

Aquarius is the middle sign of Winter

In the depth of winter, this is when Aquarius rules, when all our thoughts become clear and a proper understanding of what it means to be part of a wider society and our place within it is explored. This is all necessary before the Sun enters the mystical sign of Pisces.

A Famous Aquarian

Charles Darwin. A man who promoted, explored, and made famous the idea of human evolution, a logical approach to our creation story that wants to trace and study material and physical facts of existence and come to a safe conclusion of what they mean. As an Aquarius he was also quite rebellious and eccentric, which is what you would expect for someone who changed our understanding of our roots and where we come from.

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