6 Zodiac Signs Who Just Don’t Know How to INTERACT with CHILDREN

Let’s face it, children can be complex creatures at times. They are impulsive, have lots of imagination, and love to play, features that some of us adults have long forgotten.

However, some people definitely have a harder time at it than others. Join us to discover which Zodiac Signs have the hardest time interacting with children:

#1. Capricorn

Capricorn was born an adult. From an early age, they learned to be responsible, hardworking, and to deal with situations with maturity.

Hence, they struggle to get along with kids, as their friends have always been older, savvier people. Being alone with a child is like dealing with someone from another planet.

#2. Virgo

Virgo’s greatest hardship is spontaneity and playfulness, the main characteristics of children. They are too busy working and dealing with complex projects to waste time on such matters.

Kids represent everything they avoid: disorder, noise, irrationality, and impulsivity. The more distance they have from them, the better!

#3. Scorpio

Scorpios are very private and secretive about their life. They are enigmatic and do their best to remain discreet, which is why they control their moods.

Yet, children make Scorpios lose their temper. It reminds them of the intense whirlwind of emotions they hide. That’s why they try to stay away from them as much as possible.

#4. Taurus

The issue with Taurus is, of course, that they are too laid back. They don’t have the drive or patience to interact with unruly youngsters, who disrupt their serenity.

Why risk their comfort with fussy children? Better to keep some distance and live each one on their own.

#5. Libra

Libra appreciates harmony, beauty, and grace. Children do not value subtleties in life, as they are adventurous, playful, and do not pay attention to such details.

Besides, Libra enjoys attending concerts, opera, and museums, activities that children greatly dislike.

#6. Aquarius

Aquarius is creative and rebellious. They are very intellectual and focused on politics and revolutionary movements.

They fixate upon humanitarian concerns, social events, and friendships to the point that they forget how to take responsibility for kids. They treat them as if they are adults and forget how to take care of them.

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