Zodiac Signs least Likely to KILL a PLANT

Plants seem much easier to care for than pets. You just expose them to the sun every once in a while, and water them every day, right?

Well, that’s exactly the catch. They will not cry when they are hungry, they depend entirely on the attention of their human to survive in an apartment. So, let’s see which Zodiac Signs will be able to cope with this task:

#1. Taurus

Taurus gets along wonderfully with plants. They love their colors, aromas, and delicate yet fun shapes. They usually have their apartment full of them, and will never forget to give them the proper attention and care.

With Taurus, plants are completely safe, since even if they are not around, they will ask their most trusted friend to nurture them exactly as they do.

#2. Capricorn

If Capricorn commits to a project, there is no doubt they will do it splendidly and give nothing less than their best to see it through.

It may take them a while to decide to get plants in their home, but once they have them, they will be in top condition.

#3. Virgo

They may not have a lot of plants, but the one Virgo has is the most beautiful you can find.

As they are detail-oriented and devoted individuals, they will notice when something is wrong quickly and will fix it to avoid affecting their precious plant in the slightest.

#4. Pisces

Whether they are plants or animals, Pisces will do its best to provide for their comfort and care.

Even if they are a bit absent-minded about the rest of their tasks, they will take this one seriously. It doesn’t matter if they have to set numerous alarms to keep track of it!

#5. Cancer

Having plants around their home helps Cancer to feel accompanied, especially if they are currently living on their own.

They consider them as part of the family, and their care is worthy of it. If one of their plants were to die, they would spend so much time crying that it would break the heart of anyone who found out.

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