Understanding Virgo Zodiac Sign

As the Sun leaves the fire of Leo, it enters the 6th sign of the Zodiac with a bump back down to earth. If you were born between 23rd August and 22nd September, then you probably already know that you live under the critical energy of VIRGO.

What does this tell you about yourself? In this article we’re going to tell you all the qualities of this complicated sign at a much deeper level.

First of all, what symbolises this earth sign?

The Maiden

A good way to understand a Zodiac sign is by looking to what picture is chosen to represent it. In Virgo’s case, it is a beautiful maiden and her action of sorting the wheat from the chaff. Her action is pure. She wants to preserve what is truly the best in life, and Virgo Suns seem to gravitate towards this. It’s not that they go around being critical of everyone and everything, but they do have a keen perception of reality more than your other friends, and they can spot things many people overlook.

Virgo is the last sign of summer

As the last sign of summer there is a sadness to the Virgo energy, as if all good things will eventually come to pass. Having the Sun in this sign does give them an earthy, contemplative approach and this can be comforting to be around, which is why they make excellent confidants and counsellors.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury

Unlike its other sign of Gemini, Mercury’s next sign of Virgo is much more practical and inventive, rather than the more comical and chatty side of this planet. Mercury is exactly the planet the maiden needs when sorting the wheat from the chaff, however, and your energy as a Virgo will gravitate towards the Mercury pathway in your life. Of course, what sign your Mercury is in matters, too.

Virgo is the mutable earth sign

The mutable earth sign shows the consequences of being earth-bound creatures, which is what all living things are that have bodies. We are not just souls.

It’s the idea that our earthly resources are not infinite, but have a sell by date. This links in to what we said at the beginning of the article about the maiden being about preservation, and why the Virgo energy is a critical one, for everything must be planned, organised and calculated so that we don’t lose the best of what we have.

This is why…

The key-phrase of Virgo is “I analyse”

It’s this that gets Virgo the reputation of being a perfectionist or a pedantic grammar Nazi, but the Virgo reminds us of things that need to be protected and not casually dismissed or abandoned. The Virgo is ultimately one of care, but she doesn’t appeal to your emotions, and is why the Virgo can come across as cold. You will know your Virgo friend always after the worst is over.

A Famous Virgo

Beyonce. This popular singer is a very detailed and rigorous worker behind the scenes, planning and plotting every aspect of her career to maximum effect, like a true Virgo.

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