Zodiac Signs RANKED from Most to Least PATIENT

Patience is a virtue not everyone possesses. Those who are blessed with it can overcome adversity with more fortitude and have a better chance of success.

But not everyone can remain calm in the face of disturbance and end up reacting impulsively to their circumstances. So, let’s take a look at the Zodiac Signs from the most to the least patient:

#1. Taurus

Taurus can plant a seed and wait 100 years to see the tree bear fruit. They are not in any kind of hurry, in fact, they enjoy taking their time to get things done, avoiding multi-tasking and the hustle and bustle of city life.

No one sustains jobs, relationships, and situations over a long period of time like Taurus. They rarely lose patience, like a strong oak tree that stands firm and rooted day and night in the same spot.

#2. Capricorn

Capricorn is goal-oriented, a target that is usually ambitious. They will reach the top of the mountain no matter how long the journey takes.

They are patient as long as the objective is worthwhile. If they are confident, they will succeed, Capricorns have no problem whatsoever with delays.

#3. Scorpio

Given the intense nature of Scorpios, expect them to be patient individuals, as the flame of their passion burns brightly and is not easily extinguished.

When they long for something, they don’t forget it until they get some. It may take a while or it may be hard, but Scorpios will hold their interest until they fulfill their desires.

#4. Cancer

Cancer doesn’t usually go out looking for adventures or major life transitions. They are comfortable with familiar and well-established habits.

They are patient in the sense of not needing a lot of excitement to be happy. They can spend years in the same place and situation and still feel OK until opportunities come knocking at the door.

#5. Leo

Leo is eager to follow their own way, to discover their unique talents, and deploy them to the wider world. They know this won’t come from a stroke of luck, but from sheer time and dedication.

Although they would prefer to get their big break toward success more quickly, they don’t mind building their path one small step at a time.

#6. Libra

Libra won’t place their own agenda and whims above those of the common good. If they have to wait their turn to participate, they will do so calmly, as long as the rest are comfortable.

They are patient if this ensures their loved ones will receive the attention and contentment they need.

#7. Virgo

Virgo is patient when it comes to solving any kind of scenario requiring their logical reasoning and intelligence.

But as soon as someone interferes in their way to ruin such a well-planned agenda, they will lose all restraint and will not shy away from making it known.

#8. Pisces

When lost in their magical world of fantasies, nothing can trouble Pisces. They manage to spend hours away from the world, completely undisturbed.

However, when they have to take care of a real-world issue, such as paying bills, cooking, or meeting a deadline, you will soon see them running out of steam and patience.

#9. Aquarius

Aquarius tries to live by its own rules, as they loathe working under authority and following someone else’s commands.

This makes them impatient if they have a boss or have to adapt to the norms of whatever business they have to deal with. Even standing in line at the bank can get on their nerves.

#10. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a stickler for the truth and will not tolerate anyone who tries to change it or tell the wrong version.

This gives them a reputation for impatience and fanaticism, as they won’t hesitate to drop what they are doing to prove someone wrong in what they are saying.

#11. Gemini

Gemini’s extremely restless and changeable disposition makes them unable to wait for more than a few seconds for the unfolding of events.

They need to be constantly stimulated and entertained to keep their attention, so forget about asking for any kind of patience.

#12. Aries

Impatience and Aries go hand in hand with each other. If things are not settled in less than a minute, Aries will lose their temper and react impulsively and aggressively to events.

Also, the sheer amount of energy keeps them in constant action and motion, making it an impossible task to sit still for any length of time.

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