These Zodiac Signs Are the Absolute Best Husbands

While everyone can get married, not everyone is good ‘husband material,’ and it’s the latter, rather than the former, the kind of thing that helps determine a happy and fruitful marriage.

Of course, when it comes to marriage, everyone has different definitions of success, and even different ideas of what constitutes a good husband, but certain traits stay true no matter who you ask.

Love, responsibility, and supportiveness are some of the traits that define a good husband. When it comes to those things, the following zodiac signs tend to excel more often than not.

#1. Aquarius

Known for their intellectual personalities, their patience, and their capacity to have stable careers, Aquarius husbands are often reliable and capable of having profitable careers.

Their outside the box thinking and desire for intellectual stimulation can benefit any marriage and family, as they’ll be able to tackle challenges with creativity and positive thinking.

While they can be very committed to their partner, it’s important not to overwhelm them or try to control them. Their creativity pushes them to do things their way, and they’ll often pursue hobbies or activities that please or interest them regardless of what their partner thinks.

Respect their personal space, give them plenty of time to do their own thing, and in return, you’ll get a loving and responsible husband.

The best match for this zodiac sign? Self-assured free-thinkers who don’t feel the need to be with their partner 24/7. They can’t stand clingy people.

#2. Virgo

Virgo men are natural-born leaders with the innate ability to be great partners, thanks in no small part to their perfectionism and commitment to any cause.

They’re friendly, generous, and natural charmers who are genuinely interested in other people’s lives and have no problem getting along, if only superficially, with the friends and family of their loved ones.

They can be domineering and often look to be in control of their relationship, preferring a traditional role where they can be the breadwinners and the protectors of their home. However, despite this conventional approach to relationships, Virgo men are attracted to reliable partners with an independent streak, who are capable of handling their own problems without their help.

This isn’t to say Virgo husbands won’t help their partners if they need it, as they do enjoy feeling like a white knight, but they like knowing their partners are safe even if they’re not around.

Virgos can be a little paranoid and overprotective, but their hearts are usually in the right place.

#3. Libra

Libras are honest, straightforward, and empathetic men who commit to their relationships and marriages wholeheartedly, using their creativity, intellectual capabilities, and competitive tendencies to make sure their family and loved ones are well provided and taken care of.

While they make excellent husbands, they’re in no rush to become one and take their relationships incredibly slow, often dating their partner for years before finally deciding to tie the knot.

Don’t confuse their slow approach to relationships with a fear of commitment, though. Once a Libra man feels confident in their partner choice, they’ll give their all to their relationships, safely knowing that their partner will do the same.

The ideal partner for a Libra man is someone without pretensions, who’s not afraid of being themselves and speaking their mind.

This someone needs to be patient and not pressure Libra into a relationship, or into choosing their hobbies or their partners, as Libra men tend to look for partners similar to them.

They say opposites attract, but that doesn’t work with Libra.

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