These 5 Zodiac Signs Just Won’t Stop Arguing

Arguments are just part of human interactions, and we’re all going to have them at different points of our lives.

While arguments are a natural part of life, some zodiac signs are a little too into them, and they’re capable of drawing out even the most harmless of arguments into something much bigger than it has any right to be.

These are the five most argumentative signs in the Zodiac.

#1. Taurus

While Taureans aren’t known for being argumentative, they have a well-earned reputation as the most stubborn sign in the Zodiac, which means that, if roped into an argument, they’ll go on and on until they’ve finally said their piece.

They hate being in the wrong and will defend their position and thoughts tirelessly, often shutting the other person out and refusing to hear the other side of the argument, which can be incredibly unproductive and frustrated.

Taureans don’t start arguments, but they sure finish them, if only because people are willing to concede defeat just to get them to shut up.

#2. Scorpio

Scorpios don’t get into arguments easily, but they’ll go from zero to sixty in no time flat once they do.

They’re quick escalators, capable of turning even the smallest disagreement into a full-on shouting match, one in which they won’t hold back even a little bit, choosing to draw blood as quickly as possible.

Scorpios fight dirty and will try to hurt you when arguing, so it’s best not to argue with them in the first place. This doesn’t mean caving into each of their demands, but rather knowing how to disengage before things get rough.

#3. Leo

Leos are fierce and fearless, which means that, when it comes to arguments, they won’t stop until they’ve proven their point and humiliated the other side, regardless of whether they’re right or wrong.

Arguing against Leo only ensures the argument gets drawn out further. They won’t listen to rhyme or reason when someone’s making a stand against them, particularly if their ego got hurt.

While, admittedly, it does take a while for Leos to get to that point, once they’re fully in argument mode, they tend to fight dirty, aiming to hurt rather than prove a point.

It’s best not to argue with Leo altogether, and instead wait for the anger to pass before engaging them in a more relaxed conversation. They’ll be willing to hear you out once they’ve exhausted themselves.

#4. Gemini

If you’re surprised to see Gemini on this list, it’s only because you’ve never argued against one.

While they’re not fighters and will try to avoid arguments whenever possible, their unpredictability makes it impossible to know when a dispute will be unleashed.

One day they might find something hilarious; the next they might hate it and be willing to fight anyone who opposes them, and what makes it worse is that it’s really hard to predict what will set them off.

Once the argument has started, it’s also hard to predict how it’s going to go. Geminis argue based on how they feel in the moment, which means that you never know what you’re going to get.

#5. Cancer

Cancers are emotional individuals who feel things deeply and will remember any slight or offense they’ve received, intended or otherwise.

They’re reserved and tempered enough that they won’t fly off the handle at the slightest provocation, but make no mistake, just because a Cancer doesn’t call you out on something, it doesn’t mean they’re okay with it.

While they won’t look for a fight, once they’re arguing with someone, they’ll start dragging out all the previous slights and issues that have been festering in Cancer’s mind for a while.

Soon, you’ll be arguing about something you didn’t even know was a problem, and you’ll be wondering how it even got to that point.

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