These 5 Zodiac Signs Hate Being Told What to Do

Let’s face it; some people just follow orders better than others.

Some people like orders because they see them as clear-cut instructions to follow, while others love them because it frees them from second-guessing themselves.

Others, though, hate being told what to do, and will actively resist when someone tries to boss them around.

The following signs are the latter.

#1. Aries

The fastest way of getting on Aries’ nerves is trying to tell them what to do. The Ram marches at the beat of their own drum, and they refuse to do things the way others tell them how they need to be done.

Though they’re impulsive and spontaneous, they’re perfectly capable of getting things done, so the thought of anyone telling them to change the way they do things drives them bonkers, and they’ll let you know it.

Aries will make sure you know what they think about your plans, and they won’t be shy about it. They’ll still do what you tell them to do if you push them, but past this point, they’ll refuse to take any responsibility for their actions.

#2. Taurus

No matter what you do, you can’t out-stubborn a Taurus, and once they’ve dug their heels, then it’s game over. They’ll do their thing no matter what anyone says, even if it’s not in their best interests.

They’re independent, yes, but they’re easily the most stubborn sign in the Zodiac, and the harder you push, the harder they’ll push back, so it’s always easier to let them do things their way.

It may end disastrously for them, but they’d rather experience failure in their term than success in someone else’s.

#3. Leo

No one gets a say in Leo’s life other than Leo.

These attention seekers know themselves talented and capable, and aren’t afraid of failing if it allows them to increase their skills.

Just like they hate not being under the limelight, they despise it when people tell them to do things a certain way, and while they’ll bite their tongue and do as they’re told, if they have a superior, they’ll work hard to be their own bosses.

Leos make excellent leaders because that’s what they were born to be.

#4. Sagittarius

While it might initially appear like Sagittarius doesn’t mind being told what to do, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

The only difference between these and the previous zodiac signs is that they’re not confrontational about it.

When someone tells them to do something a certain way, they’ll just smile and do it, unless they know their way works best, in which case they’ll smile and do things their way despite what others think.

They’re self-directed, independent, and talented, and they trust their talents to the point where they don’t see the need to argue.

They’ll do whatever needs to be done to get results, even if the actions taken to get there directly contradict what they’ve been told to do.

#5. Aquarius

Aquarius is one of the Zodiac’s most independent signs, and they hate it when others tell them what to do, mainly when it’s obvious the other person doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

They always prefer to do things their way, and while their way may not always work, it’s better than trying to force them to do anything.

Unlike other signs in this list, Aquarius won’t say no or oppose your choice. They’ll simply do the complete opposite of what they were told to do.

Spiteful, maybe, but people will soon learn to let Aquarius do things their way.

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