These 4 Zodiac Signs Are Incredibly Intuitive

Intuition. We’ve all heard of it, even though no one is exactly sure what it is.

Some people consider intuition as a purely logical reaction. A series of observations we do on a subconscious level that pushes us to act a certain way, even when we’re not aware we’re doing it.

Others consider intuition as a spiritual experience. Deities, ancestors, or energies guiding us through life in a way that benefits us.

Regardless of what you think intuition is and where it comes from, what’s undeniable is that some people are just more intuitive than others, and when it comes to intuition, it’s hard to beat the following signs.

#1. Cancer

Cancer individuals are very in touch with their emotions, and while they don’t always know why they feel the way they feel, they know better than to doubt their hunches.

Though they might not be aware of it, they’re very in tune with others’ thoughts and emotions and are fantastic at reading micro-expressions and other kinds of body language.

They have a good eye for people and know when to trust someone and when to keep their guard up.

Sure, some people might consider them superstitious or indecisive, but Cancerians have been saved a lot of pain and trouble by listening to their hunches, and they’re not about to stop doing it anytime soon.

#2. Scorpio

People often describe Scorpios as manipulative, and while they can very well be that, it’s easy to forget how that can be an advantage.

To manipulate others, you first need to read them, and that’s what makes Scorpio such an intuitive sign.

They can learn from others just by watching and will quickly guess people’s true intentions without even trying.

Scorpio’s intuition also makes them incredibly good at detecting lies. Whenever someone has less than honorable intentions, Scorpio will be the first to find out.

As the saying goes, ‘it takes one to know one,’ and Scorpios have managed to turn this into a bonafide weapon.

#3. Aquarius

Aquarians intuition can better be described as “futuristic.” They might not be able to tell why things are happening now, but they’re fantastic at predicting how things happening at the moment will shape the future.

They’re visionaries, unconsciously drawing patterns and conclusions of things they see and experience, and projecting them into the future.

They might not be able to suss out people’s real intentions or hidden emotions, but they can quickly tell how people will react to a specific event or can make a good guess at what they’ll do in the future.

Sure, Aquarians might not come off as intuitive at first, and might even seem out of touch, but anyone who has spent enough time around them know better than to doubt their predictions.

#4. Pisces

Pisces are always in touch with their feelings, while also being open to other people’s, which means they can easily identify how others feel and think, even without meaning to.

This is one of the reasons why Pisces find it so easy to make friends. They’re charming and friendly, sure, but more importantly, they get people, and people can’t help but react to that.

Pisces weakness, though? Their big heart.

While they’re incredibly intuitive when it comes to people, they still believe the best in others, which means they’re likely to give second, third, or even fourth opportunities to people who don’t deserve them.

They’re intuitive, yes, but they rarely know how to take advantage of it.

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