These 3 Zodiac Signs Can Be Any Woman’s Nightmare

All Zodiac signs have good and bad qualities. Qualities that can lead them to be amazing or absolutely horrible as partners.

While not set in stone, as each person is an individual and their Zodiac sign can only tell you so much, these characteristics are worth keeping in mind, as they have the potential of turning an otherwise positive relationship into a total nightmare.

Of course, just because some men have the potential to be a living nightmare for some women, that doesn’t mean it’s what will happen, but the potential is there, so you’ll want to keep that in mind when starting a relationship with the following signs.

#1. Cancer

While there’s nothing wrong with emotional men, there can be such a thing as ‘too emotional,’ and just like a woman’s emotions can run rampant to the point that they become a problem, the same can happen to a man.

Cancer men live on emotions and are often overpowered by these. Their love is passionate and intense, the kind that romance novels are about, but they can be tortured souls who depend too much on others when it comes to emotional manners.

While there’s nothing wrong with needing help or wanting to help those you love, it’s important to recognize when enough is enough. A healthy relationship with a Cancer man can be a fantastic thing, but an unhealthy one will drain you physically and emotionally.

#2. Capricorn

While Capricorns can be amazing friends and lovers, they often test their loved ones, hoping to discover whether they have hidden intentions or if they’re the real deal.

If a Capricorn man is secure in his relationships and your feelings towards him, these tests will be kept to a minimum. They’ll still be there, but you probably won’t even notice them.

If there’s something about the relationship that isn’t working as Capricorn expects, they’ll test you regularly, pushing the envelope over and over again until you finally snap.

There’s a chance you’ll be able to pass all his tests and cement yourself as his true love, but keep in mind that there’s nothing wrong with jumping ship if his experiments get too hard. After all, a relationship is based on trust, and can you really trust someone who’ll try to push you constantly to see if you’ll stay with them?

#3. Taurus

Taurus men are persistent, obstinate, and stubborn, which can be both good and bad. It all depends on how that stubbornness is used.

If directed towards a common goal, that drive will help a relationship move forward, overcoming challenges and limitations. If it’s directed against you, it’ll eventually wear you down. No one is as patient as a Taurus man on a mission.

Less known, but just as important, is Taurus men’s general failure at communicating their feelings. They might love you, but they won’t say it often, which can wear down even the most patient of women.

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