Zodiac’s Top 5 Introverted Signs

Though introversion and extroversion are complicated aspects of our personality that are affected not only by the stars but also our day-to-day life and our past experiences, some Zodiac signs are simply more sociable than others.

We’ll talk about them some other time. Today, we’re talking about the Zodiac’s Top 5 Introverted Signs.

#1. Pisces

Though they can be sociable, Pisces tend to live in their own world, where they can daydream to their heart’s content and escape their reality for a little while.

Yes, they like to party, and yes, they can make friends anywhere, but just because they can, it doesn’t mean that they want to do it, and they often enjoy spending quality time at home just as much as spending time outside.

What’s more, once they’ve found a good group of friends, they feel no need to make more, which makes Pisces the most asocial social sign out there.

#2. Capricorn

Capricorn’s best friend is themselves, so it’s no wonder they enjoy spending time on their own.

Like Pisces, they can be entirely social if they want to. Unlike Pisces, they’re almost always closed off to people and only interact with newcomers in the most superficial ways, choosing to spend their time and energy on those who truly matter.

Because of this, even when Capricorn is sociable, they can be closed off, choosing small gatherings at home with people they trust as their way to socialize.

#3. Scorpio

Scorpios are introverts in a social sense. They don’t hang out at home as often as other signs in this list, but they don’t interact with other people nearly as much as one would imagine.

Because they don’t trust easily, and they’re a little bit paranoid, Scorpios don’t go around talking to strangers and making friends, giving them a reserved personality that people can’t help but pick up on.

This is also the reason why they can appear shy and withdrawn at a big party. Unless they know everyone there, they won’t really feel relaxed enough to have fun.

#4. Cancer

Though they enjoy having fun and meeting new people, Cancers tend to be pretty easy to overwhelm, which means that they prefer fun in small doses.

They usually won’t stick around a party for long, and they won’t hit a bar straight after a concert. They love having fun, yes, but they need their time off, almost more than any other zodiac sign out there.

Because they can get easily overwhelmed, they prefer to keep their meetings small and in relatively quiet places, or at least in venues they’re familiar with, as this allows them to prepare for the external stimuli.

#5. Taurus

Taureans are relatively uncomplicated. They enjoy peace, quiet and living life their way, and what better way of doing it than staying at home, hanging out with the people you know and love?

Though there are exceptions, Taureans aren’t known for their full circle or friends, nor their love for big parties and loud clubs. They’d rather visit a delicious restaurant, go to a quiet bar, and simply enjoy the moment, be it alone or with those they care about.

A happy Taurus is a relaxed Taurus, and sometimes the most relaxing place in the world is your home.

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