What each Zodiac Sign Loves Doing as a Hobby

There are as many hobbies as there are people on earth and, as such, it’s impossible to pinpoint exactly what hobbies are the favorite amongst each Zodiac sign.

However, patterns are easy to see, and just like one can say that Virgos are perfectionists or Leos are showboats, one can say the following are some of the hobbies the Zodiac signs tend to flock to.


Aries tend to be great intellectuals, so it’s not uncommon for them to find great pleasure in reading, meaning it’s often one of their biggest hobbies.

Aries can be fairly aggressive and energetic, so high contact sports are often popular with this sign.


You may not consider eating a hobby, but Taurus certainly does.

Devoted foodies, Taurus love for anything carnal motivates them to try as many new types of food and restaurants as possible, and they enjoy everything about the experience, not just the food.


Geminis are curious people who enjoy discovery and enjoy figuring out how things, and people, work. This means that their hobbies tend to be fairly intellectual, such as dabbling in mechanics and puzzles.

It’s not uncommon for a Gemini to restore old vehicles as a hobby, for example, or if they’re more tech-oriented, it’s not unlike them to assemble their own PCs.


Believe it or not, Cancers love cleaning, and as such, tidying up their living space can be one of their hobbies.

Cleaning their living areas works as meditation to them. It gives them the chance to unwind and relax and gives them a sense of achievement when they look around and see a job well done.

And aren’t hobbies supposed to give us precisely that?


Staying true to their stereotype, Leos tend to choose hobbies where they can compete, come on top and show off.

Videogames and sports are often top contenders for Leo’s hobbies, as both give them the chance to prove themselves better than others and receive admiration and acclaim.


For an overthinker like Virgo, the best hobby is one where they can stop thinking so hard for a moment, so most of their hobbies are aimed towards relaxation.

Long walks and meditation, or just vegging out in front of a TV, are good choices for the solitary Virgo, while the social Virgo prefers going out to a bar and hanging out with friends.

Singing is also a particularly loved activity amongst Virgos, no matter what shape or form it takes.


Libras are collectors at heart, so it’s not uncommon for their favorite hobbies to involve collecting, or seeking out things to collect.

This can be the Libra schoolchild, collecting fun-shaped rocks on their daily walks; The Libra trust-fund manager collecting vintage sports paraphernalia by betting on it online; The Libra doctor collecting little owl figurines patients gift her/him or the Libra bargain hunter, visiting flea markets and garage sales to see what they can find.


Scorpios are a living contradiction when it comes to their hobbies, as they tend to skew in radically different ends of the spectrum.

On the one hand, they enjoy peaceful activities such as yoga and meditation, as they appreciate the peace of mind it brings and how it can help them in their day-to-day life.

On the other hand, they love the dopamine high they get for intense exercises, so they tend to pursue weightlifting, MMA, surfing, and any other activities that allow them to use their bodies to their maximum.


When it comes to hobbies, Sagittarius often looks for outlets for their creativity, which means that they usually enjoy working with their hands or creating something.

Simultaneously, they also enjoy relaxing and disconnecting from the world and look for ways to achieve this during their free time.

It’s no surprise, then, that getting high seems to be one of Sagittarian’s favorite activities. It’s something that allows them to escape from the world for a bit but, under ideal situations, can also work as an outlet for creativity.


If hobbies are meant to give us an escape from our day to day lives, then Capricorns are the ultimate hobbyists, as they choose to spend their free time pretending.

Acting is a top choice for Capricorn individuals, and many will go on to do it professionally. Singing can be there too, as long as there’s the possibility of playing a persona in a way that lets Capricorn let loose.

Playing tabletop roleplay games or videogames also allows them to escape their world and be someone else.


Aquarians tend to have fairly conventional hobbies such as puzzles, video games, knitting, sculpting, and anything that gets their minds off things.

Despite their creativity, Aquarius’ reliability and need for stability often push them to seek stable jobs where they can’t express themselves as they’d like, so turning to creative hobbies is perfectly understandable.


Pisces stakes their hobbies very seriously, even though they’re not entirely sure what their hobbies are at first.

Unlike other signs, there’s not a unified kind of activity Pisces tend to flock to. They’re a varied bunch in that respect, though they’re often interested in activities that’ll allow them to meet new people.

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