How Fast Each Zodiac Sign Falls IN and OUT of LOVE

Love is…complicated, and no one has the same relationship with it as someone else.

Despite that, some trends can be observed amongst Zodiac signs, with some falling in and out of love quickly and others taking forever to do either of those things.

Who loves the longest? Who loves the fastest?

Keep reading to find out.


When it comes to love, Geminis are likely to fall in and out of it without any real warning.

Though they can be pretty loyal, Geminis are often not that interested in a stable relationship, preferring quick flings and fun adventures over having the same partner for years on end.

Even when they’re serious about it, they tend to be conflicted or, at the very least, confused, often hesitating to commit fully for fear of changing their mind halfway through.


While many Aquarians can be committed, if not outright devoted, a great deal of them don’t really feel the need to be in a relationship, so when they get into one, it’s usually to satisfy other people’s wishes rather than their own.

When this happens, a relationship with an Aquarius can end without warning, no matter how dedicated the other person can be. Aquarians’ general lack of interest and uncanny ability to stay aloof and unaffected make for temporary relationships rather than permanent ones.


Sagittarians are known for their constant need for entertainment and their love for freedom and independence.

This is a sign that might commit and mean it, but only while the relationship is good. If a relationship gives them too much trouble, grows repetitive, or simply stops being as enjoyable as it was, don’t expect Sagittarius to stick around for long.


Libras are in love with love, which means they fall in love with the feeling, and not necessarily the person who causes it.

Libras hate the idea of being in a relationship that doesn’t feel good, a relationship that doesn’t make them feel special, so if their current relationship starts feeling stagnant, and the possibility of a better, more romantic relationship is on the horizon, they’re very likely to jump ship.


Aries is impulsive and passionate, which means that they love with everything they have, but only as long as they’re having fun.

They don’t like it when relationships move too slowly or grow stagnant. They don’t like it when relationships are more frustrating than pleasing. They don’t like it when relationships stop being the whirlwind romance that they want.

In short, Arians might not cheat or go behind their partner’s back, but they won’t hesitate to end a relationship if items get too dull for their taste.


While they can be very loving, Virgos aren’t the most expressive with their emotions, so unless you’re paying attention, it’s easy to believe your relationship with them isn’t going well.

If a Virgo pays attention to you, wants to spend time together, calls you to see how you’re doing, and generally shows interest in you and your life, you’re in safe territory, even if they don’t tell you they love you.

When does a Virgo stop doing all of those things, though? That’s when you should worry, as Virgos don’t hesitate to leave a relationship, they don’t want to be in.


Capricorns know that good things take time, and to be in a wonderful relationship, you need to work hard to get past the bumps and problems.

While they’re slow to enter a relationship and even slower to commit, once they’re in, they’re in for good, and they’re far more likely to work on improving their relationships than to bail at the first sign of trouble.


Pisces is known as hopelessly romantic, so you can be sure they fall in love easily and for a long time.

They’re unlikely to give up on a relationship quickly, and will try their best to make sure any romantic relationship they have works.

They’re a little clingy and dependent, so they’re likely to stick in a relationship even when it’s souring, but they know better than to stay if things take a worse turn.


Leos love being in relationships and are willing to put in the work to make them last as long as possible.

They’ll fight against anyone, even their partner, to ensure their relationship is happy and committed, but they’ll only do this if they think their partner is just as interested.

Leos will give it their all to a relationship, as long as their partner isn’t unenthusiastic about it.


Taurus are slow to love and be attached, but once they’re in love and willing to commit, it’ll take a lot to make them lose interest.

Because it takes them so long to get attached, they’d rather fight for the relationship they have than start a new one. They’re the kind of people who will go to couple’s therapy rather than call off a relationship for good.


Cancers don’t enter relationships easily, but once they’re in, they’re in for life.

They love hard and with their whole heart, and since they’re so attached to those they love, that means there’s little they won’t do to preserve their relationship.

The best thing about Cancer is that even when a relationship doesn’t work, they’re willing to try again after learning from their past relationships, of course.


Scorpios like to meet people first, get to know their goals, desires, fears, and true colors. They’d never get in a relationship with someone they don’t know, like the back of their hand, and they don’t understand people who do.

Because of this, Scorpio will do just about anything to preserve their relationship, even turning to unhealthy behaviors to keep the love they’ve dedicated so much time to.

As long as things are healthy, this isn’t a problem, but if the relationship is toxic, Scorpio can get clingy or downright stalkerish.

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