Personality Traits of Cancer Man

The warm and loving nature of Cancer man is certainly one of his best features! However, this is something that most people don’t get to discover, as, like a crab, he hides it behind a big and hard shell, which makes him look as tough and serious.

So, if you are currently involved with a Capricorn man, these personality traits will help you to understand him better and reach into his soft heart.

#1. The Cancer man is very sensitive.

Cancer, being a sign of the Water element, is highly sensitive and emotional. For this reason, they tend to be introverted, as they are vulnerable and can be easily hurt (which makes them sometimes defensive).

However, they are also reflective and spiritual, with a vast imagination and inner world that they display in their moments of solitude. They enjoy introspection and staying at home relaxing with their favorite comfort food and same old favorite film.

#2. The Cancer man values family and childhood memories.

There’s nothing that the Cancer man cherishes more than spending time with his relatives. The sense of security provided by his family is like no other, as well as knowing he belongs somewhere.

Therefore, it is very important for him to feel welcomed and part of any context he is involved. He might turn his workmates into his family, and will not fail to nostalgically reminisce about the good times of his childhood with them.

#3. He is very protective of the people he loves.

The Cancer man does not let many into his private life, but when he does, he makes sure no one can hurt them. He is very protective of his tribe, and will not hesitate to put aside everything to avoid any kind of injustice.

This is also true when it comes to defending his homeland, its traditions, and customs. An offense against his country can be taken personally and hurt him deeply.

#4. Sometimes it is difficult for him to venture into the unknown.

As he values protection to a high degree, he feels comfortable in familiar environments. However, sometimes this makes him endure unfavorable circumstances for a long time out of fear of change.

But as he strengthens his inner confidence and has faith in his capacity for self-support, his remarkable nature begins to blossom and his overall life improves accordingly.

#5. The Cancer man has a cyclothymic nature.

Like water, his emotions stir and change rapidly. The Moon can modify the ocean currents and so the Cancer man goes from being calm to incredibly nervous in a matter of minutes.

But despite this roller coaster of emotions, he laughs at his mood swings as well. It turns out to be one more thing that makes the Cancer man’s nature so special.

#6. Loyalty is one of its greatest assets

As you can imagine, the Cancer man is extremely loyal to the people who are part of his inner circle. He trusts blindly in what they say and do and expects the same from them in return.

However, if he discovers he has been betrayed in any way, it will be very difficult for him to resume that relationship. It will take a lot of time and trials to win him back, but, for what it’s worth, he will give in at some point.

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