Zodiac Signs who Never Turn Down their Ex

Breakups are always complicated, and what comes after can be just as hard.

Should you remove your ex from your life? Should you stay friends? Do you acknowledge your shared past, or do you pretend it never happened?

There’s also the option to go back to your ex. Let bygones be bygones and use the lessons learned to build a stronger relationship.

If you’re one of these five zodiac signs, the answer is obvious: You keep them close, and you take them back if it seems like they’ve learned their lesson.             

#1. Taurus

Taurus never gets into relationships without considering all the pros and cons they involve; If they’re in a relationship, they’re fully invested, which means they’re usually willing to give second chances.

Though Taurus finds it hard to forget and to forgive, they usually save that as a last resort. If the transgression wasn’t that bad, or if they think the relationship can be salvaged, they’re willing to give it one more chance.

Taurus’ patience isn’t eternal, though. They might be willing to give second chances if they think the relationship can be saved, but there won’t be a third one.

#2. Pisces

Pisces are idealists that tend to look at the world through rose-colored glasses, which means that they tend to give second, third, and even fourth opportunities more often than not.

They tend to remember the good things about relationships, and that makes them feel nostalgic. A trip down memory lane can very easily lead to a phone call, and next thing you know, Pisces and their ex are back at it once more.

This can quickly transform into an unhealthy and frustrating cycle of breaking up and getting back together, in which neither party learns their lesson and continues repeating their mistakes.

Because of this, Pisces should try to actively remember the bad aspects of their past relationships whenever they find themselves fantasizing about the good. Objectivity is Pisces’s best friend.

#3. Cancer

Cancers don’t fall in love easily, but when they do, they fall in love hard, giving their whole selves to their relationship with very little thought about the matter.

Because they love so intensely, they find it hard to let go of their relationships, which means there’s always a small part of them eager to go back to their ex.

The moment it seems like going back to their ex is a good idea; you can bet Cancer will make the first move, and they’ll do it without a trace of shame and no regrets.

It’s only once they’re back with their exes that they start remembering that sometimes the bad outweighs the good and that love alone isn’t enough to keep a relationship going.

Sometimes, they’ll be able to work through past mistakes to make things work; sometimes they won’t. What matters is that they learn to look at their relationship objectively and not be blinded by love.

#4. Virgo

You’d think a sign as perfectionist and picky as Virgo would be unwilling to go back to their exes, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

It’s precisely their perfectionist nature that pushes them to try again and again when it comes to relationships, convinced that this time all the parties involved have learned their lesson.

Virgos are prideful, and they won’t call off a relationship for good unless they’re confident they’ve exhausted all the possibilities.

#5. Libra

Libras are kindhearted and like to see the best in others, which makes them prime candidates to give people second chances regardless of whether they deserve them.

Their willingness to return to their ex has less to do with the ex themselves and more with Libra’s desire to believe people at face value; They don’t like doubting people, so they’ll just accept their ex’s claims and go back to them.

It’s only when they’re faced with the same behaviors and actions that ended the relationship in the first place that they realize that they were mistaken, but by then, the mistake has been made, and Libra will then attempt to fix things from the inside.

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