Never Ever Say These 7 Things to Aquarius

Aquarians are one of the most misunderstood signs of the Zodiac and, as such, one of the easiest ones to accidentally insult.

This isn’t because they’re sensitive, oh no, but rather because they take great pride in some of their characteristics, and it’s surprisingly easy to insult them without meaning to.

To prevent any misunderstandings, make sure not to say these seven things to an Aquarius!

#1. Don’t say you don’t like to travel.

Aquarians are adventurous souls, and they live for traveling, so letting them know you’re not into that is a sure way of losing their interest.

After all, what’s the point of hanging out with someone who won’t go on trips with you?

#2. Don’t be nitpicky.

Aquarians love their freedom, and that extends to their freedom of being. Criticizing their life and their choices will put you on their blacklist in a hot second.

Aquarius doesn’t have time for people who don’t support them.

#3. Don’t call them stupid.

Aquarians are very proud of their intellect, so insulting their smarts is a significant offense.

The only thing that will get you out of an Aquarius life faster than calling them dumb is making them feel stupid, so try to avoid that as well!

#4. Don’t call them rude.

Aquarians are one of the most honest signs in the Zodiac, and they’ll let you know it; They’re always speaking their mind regardless of the circumstances.

While it’s okay to criticize them if they’re actually rude, try not to criticize them just because they don’t act like you expect them to act.

As long as they’re not actively insulting people, who cares?

#5. Don’t doubt their knowledge

Asking an Aquarius where they learned something or asking them to explain you a particular subject is okay.

Doubting their knowledge or asking them how they could possibly know something isn’t.

Aquarians are very proud of their knowledge, so doubting them and their abilities will make them dislike you almost immediately.

#6. Don’t look down on their ideas.

No one likes to be doubted or diminished, but Aquarians tend to take it even harder than the rest.

Aquarians are natural intellectuals who like to come up with new ideas to experience the world. While some of those ideas aren’t necessarily new or amazing, they’re often something they’re proud of.

If an Aquarius comes to you with a new idea, even if it’s something incredibly obvious to you, don’t mock them.

Not only will you hurt their feelings tremendously, but you’ll also ensure they stop sharing things with you altogether.

#7. Don’t call them coldhearted.

Aquarians are highly logical individuals who will attempt to tackle everything life throws their way with their minds first and their feelings second.

This means that, sometimes, they’ll come off as aloof or disinterested while, in reality, they might care about a situation more than you think.

If an Aquarius doesn’t react as expected, don’t take it personally. If they’re paying attention and getting involved, they definitely care.

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