Understanding Libra woman

Libra women are known for their just and fair approach to life. She will weigh all things pertaining to a given situation without bias and give the most balanced and fair judgement there is to offer. Her charm and charisma draw people towards her making socializing with others an effortless affair. Communication is important to this just woman. She will get her point across in the most logical and kind hearted way possible. If you want to win an argument with her, present her with the facts. She has many layers to her and you are likely to find a calm and logical individual one minute and an overly emotional individual the next.

In this video, we will talk about personality traits, likes/dislikes, love, relationships, career, money, friendships, fashion, style and a lot more of Libra Woman.

Personality Traits of Libra Woman

libra zodiac sign

#1. Peace Loving

Rarely will you find a Libra woman engaged in a senseless argument with others. They approach confrontational situation with tact and diplomacy to ensure that they give a just and balanced solution to both sides of the aggrieved parties.

The downside to their peace loving nature is that they seldom face their own internal turmoil. They would much rather sweep that which makes them uncomfortable under the rug than face it once and for all.

#2. Idealistic

Libra women tend to live in the ‘perfect’ world. They will always seek out the best in people and focus on the sunny side up of all situations. There is no one as hopeful as a Libra woman when it comes to coming up with and breaking ground of a new idea or project.

#3. Just

Libra women cannot stand to see others being treated unfairly or unjustly. Her innate sense of fairness and balance will push her to seek middle grounds between different groups of people in order to ensure that everyone gets a fair share of the proverbial cake.

#4. Social

These custodians of justice and fairness are social butterflies. They have a charming and welcoming personality that makes them a people magnet. They also prefer to be with other people and learn from them and their experiences.

#5. Witty

Conversations with this zodiac sign are often a breeze. She is a creative mind and an excellent communicator. She also has a number of witty retorts tucked away and she uses them to brighten up any conversation.

#6. Indecisive

A Libra woman will always seek to find balance in even the most mundane of situations. She tends to overthink everything in the process making it difficult for her to quickly come to a conclusive decision. Don’t wait for her to make a life changing decision on the spot as this is just too much pressure on her.

Likes & Dislikes of Libra Woman

Justice and fairness are at the core of a Libra woman’s personality. For this to be achieved, she has to be presented with all the facts. Emotionally charged opinions have no space in her life. Only with actual facts can she apply her logical mind to reach a balanced and non-biased conclusion.

As peace loving as she is, she does love arguments. You will not find her engaging in a disagreements and confrontational situations for the fun of it. Rather, she will be engrossed in logical discussions that seek to critic a given situation in order to find out the truth behind it.

Rudeness cannot be tolerated in her life. She also does not take well to being wrong. As sociable as she is, crowds are rather uncomfortable for her. Seeing others or herself being treated in unjust manner will not augur well with her. Lastly, do not put her in a position where she has to make decisions hurriedly as this will throw her off balance.

Libra Woman in Love & Relationships

libra zodiac sign

When a Libra woman loves, she bring her cool and logical nature to the table. She strives to balance between her needs and those of her partner. Her relationships, like other aspects of her life, are non-confrontational and rational. Both sides of the story will be considered before any decision is made.

Her playful and romantic side tends to blossom when in love. She enjoys being showered with random acts of love and kindness. A cute note or a simple bouquet of flowers will speak volumes in her eyes. She maintains careful balance between her independence and being submissive. She will act accordingly depending on what the situation demands of her. A fruitful relationship is one that provides support as well as security for both her and her partner. 

Libra Woman in Career & Money

The just and fair nature of a Libra woman makes her well suited for a career in law and arbitration. She will take her time to give an ear to both parties before coming to a conclusion that will be favourable to both parties. Her need to see and bring out the best in people makes her an excellent human resource manager. With her good listening and communication skills, she would make an excellent counsellor or therapist.

She tends to shy away from leadership roles as it takes her forever to make crucial decisions. Leadership roles often require one to make tough choices, consider the circumstances presented and make decisions on the spot. These are all things that she finds it rather difficult to do.

When it comes to money matters, Libra women are known to have more debts than savings. She wants the best for herself and others and will thus expend herself in attempting to attain this life for herself and others.

Libra Woman in Friendships

libra zodiac sign

Friendships with Libra women can be both fulfilling and frustrating in equal measure. Because they want you to feel comfortable enough to let your best self shine, they will attempt to accommodate your tastes and preferences anytime they are hanging out with you. Sound great right? Well the down side to this consideration is that they will often spend too much time weighing and stressing over the different available options to make even the simplest of decisions.

However, as frustrating as their over analytical nature might be, their friends often appreciate it when they offer sound and unbiased advice that help see them out the various different sticky situations that they may be faced with.

Libra women want to hang out with different people and enjoy their company but too many people can easily make them feel uncomfortable.

Fashion & Style of Libra Woman

libra zodiac sign

The balance sought after by a Libra woman in other aspects of her life is also reflected in her fashion choices. She dislikes chaos and as such she will ensure that her look is well put together. From her hair, her makeup, jewellery, clothes to her shoes, she will tend to coordinate all elements to ensure that she achieves a balanced and harmonious look.

A Libra woman is stylish rather than fashionable. She will spend immense amounts of time ruminating over which item of clothing, jewellery or pair of shoe to purchase and will base her decision not only on the current trend or the timelessness of the piece but on how well it completes the other outfits already in her closet.

She has a good eye for fashion. You will often find her in chic outfits that have unique cuts to them and are well finished. The perfectionist in her is always on the hunt for wardrobe pieces that have impeccable craftsmanship.

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