Understanding Capricorn Woman

The Motto of the Capricorn woman is “I Master”. This sums up her cool and well put together demeanour regardless of whatever storms that might be rocking the different parts of her life. This earth sign is grounded and organized. Her ambition and drive often surpasses that of her other zodiac sisters.  She excels in any aspects that she sets her mind to. She is a go getter and nothing will stop in her way. As serious as the Capricorn woman may appear to be, she has a fun and humorous side to her that she keeps well-guarded.

In this video, we will talk about personality traits, likes/dislikes, love, relationships, career, money, friendships, fashion, style and a lot more of Capricorn Woman.

Personality Traits of Capricorn Woman

capricorn zodiac sign

#1. Aloof

The serious and focused demeanour of the Capricorn woman often draws her away from that which is happening around her. She tends to retreat into herself distancing herself from others.

#2. Organized

If you need whatever mess in your life sorted out, chances are this woman will figure out a way for you to get things in order. She loves orderly spaces as well as an orderly life. Any disruptions in this regard are not welcome.

#3. Ambitious

Success is key for a Capricorn woman. As such, it is no wonder that she will stop at nothing to climb to the highest points of the career and social ladders. Woe unto you if you stand as an obstacle on her path to success.

#4. Practical

The Capricorn woman lives on only one universe, the real one. She is a “Do It” kind of person instead of one who is constantly building her mansions and creating wealth in her mind. She seeks out practical solutions for any challenge presented.

#5. Sensitive

Mocking a Capricorn woman does not go down particularly well with her. For this you are likely to enter her book of grudges never to be forgiven. Although independent, she is rather sensitive when one mocks or undermines her efforts in any way.

#6. Relentless

Failure is not an option for the Capricorn woman. She is determined to be the best and most successful version of herself that she can possibly be. No matter how many times her efforts fail to attain an intended goal, instead of giving up, she will simply switch up her tactics in order to attain the intended goals.

#7. Disciplined

Greatness cannot be achieved on ambition alone. One has to have the discipline to follow through on the necessary steps needed to achieve greatness. The Capricorn woman possess discipline in spades. This is partly what makes her sore to such great heights over time.

Likes & Dislikes of Capricorn Woman

The Capricorn woman is straight forward and a realist. She in turn appreciates interacting with people who are as honest, straight forward and frank as she is. Lying to her or trying to be someone you aren’t around her is considered as being disrespectful and vain.

Her family is a priority in her life. She devotes herself completely to catering to the wants and needs of her loved ones. Disrespecting her family is disrespecting her. This is an offence that is not easily forgivable in her books.

Engagements and interactions with a Capricorn woman have to be meaningful to her. They have to be a means that accomplishes one goal or the other in her long list of things to accomplish. Crack jokes all you want around her, heck, she might even crack a few of her own, just don’t stretch out the humour unnecessarily. Unnecessary games and gossip therefore have no place in her life as they simply waste the precious resource that is her time.

Capricorn Woman in Love & Relationships

capricorn zodiac sign

Love for the Capricorn woman is not a game of chance. It is a logical, rational decision that has to be made consciously. She takes her time to choose the right person to be with. Most times the right person for a Capricorn woman is equivalent to a safe option. However, once she settles on the right choice for her, she will devote herself to supporting her partner and growing them. After all, her partner’s growth is her growth.

Relationships for her are also a rational affair. They have to be sensible and have to align with her rational life’s projection. Should the relationship meet the rationality standards, she will stay loyal until the point it doesn’t. The Capricorn woman is a rather patient one. So by the time the relationship is beyond any form of rationalization, all buttons have been pushed.

Sex with a Capricorn woman has the potential to be exciting and experimental. However, for the most part, sexual encounters have to fit within the routine and order that rules her life.

Capricorn Woman in Career & Money

A Capricorn woman’s career is perhaps the most important aspect of her life. Success in this area of her life takes precedence over all else. Her ambition and drive make her a perfect fit for the life of an entrepreneur. She is also well suited for leadership and negotiation roles. When placed within a team, you can count on her to take on the responsibility of seeing that the goal of the team is achieved at or before the stipulated time frame.

Money is equally as important and is equated with security. How else can you move from one stage of life to the next without it? Her discipline and organizational skills are important when it comes to making investment decisions and other financial related judgements. If you need financial advice, you can count on her shrewd business sense and frugality to get you the very best investments. Capricorn women are unsurprisingly quite good at saving money for posterity.

Capricorn Woman in Friendships

capricorn zodiac sign

Friendships for this zodiac sign are approached in the same way as romantic relationship. Rationalization precedes emotions. Her pragmatism is evident in her choice of friends. For one to move from someone she knows to being her friend, it will take a long tie and lots and lots of patience. Needless to say, a Capricorn woman does not trust easily.

That said, she is a loyal and devoted friend. She is always ready to offer advice on various life issues should you require it. Regardless of what you may be going through, the Capricorn woman will pull all stops to make things better for you and remind you that you are loved and appreciated. Her rationality and realism will often make her seem detached but be patient with her and you will get to reap the fruits of being friends with a Capricorn woman.

Fashion & Style of Capricorn Woman

capricorn zodiac sign

Fashion and style, like everything else in her life, is a means to an end for the Capricorn woman. Her choices are of a more practical nature rather than an artistic one. Since her career and overall success is important to her, she is more inclined to subtle but neat business looks.

As serious as she may be, she does like to let loose once in a while, with moderation of course. Her wardrobe consists of a number of casual looks for her dress down days. Even with a casual look, she still requires it to say, “I am fun but I am serious about my life’s choices”. She is careful to put together a casual look that will not evoke any mockery or cause her to be taken lightly.

This woman loves flashy bling that makes a statement either due to its craftsmanship or the brand name. Her frugality, however, does not allow her to spend unnecessarily on jewellery. As such she is always on the hunt for these statement pieces at bargain prices.

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