Understanding Aquarius Woman

The Aquarius is the eleventh sign in the zodiac family and an air sign. It is thus perfectly understandable that women under this zodiac will be described as being unpredictable and a storm of emotions and ideologies.

This stereo type holds true. An Aquarius woman is best described as being her own person. She will do that which pleases her, when it pleases her regardless of what others may think or say. Her identity is her own and not even her nearest and dearest can claim responsibility for influencing it. Understanding this woman is a rather tall order but we shall attempt to do so anyway.

In this video, we will talk about personality traits, likes/dislikes, love, relationships, career, money, friendships, fashion, style and a lot more of Aquarius Woman.

Personality traits of Aquarius Woman

aquarius zodiac sign

Aquarius women are walking conundrum housing opposing forces within her that pose a great challenge to reconcile.

#1. Non-conformist
Trying to dictate the dos and don’ts of this woman based on what society deems acceptable or taboo is tantamount to flogging a dead horse. It simply won’t yield any results. An Aquarius woman will do what she wants and judge right from wrong based on what she defines these two concepts as.

#2. Humanitarian
Social justice is a cause that is dear to the heart of an Aquarius woman. She will not stand by and watch social injustices of any kind go on unattended. It is therefore normal to spot her at protests and fore fronts of marches and other efforts aimed at writing social wrongs.

#3. Detached
The Aquarius woman will make up the rules as she goes. She will follow her heart with little regard for the opinions of others. However, her strong willed nature often makes her rather detached from the happenings of those around her.

#4. Adventurous
The simplicities of a life of routine are far from okay for the Aquarius woman. She lives a life of excitement and is often off chasing the next thrill. She wants to fully experience and enjoy life. As such traveling to new places and experiencing life and culture in these new lands tends to make her happy.

#5. Unpredictable
Remember the two opposing forces that reside within the Aquarius woman that we mentioned earlier? Well, thanks to the difficulty inn reconciling them, the Aquarius woman tends to be rather unpredictable. She is independent and opinionated. She will move to the beat of her own drum making it rather taxing for others to keep up with her. If you think you have finally cracked what it takes to make and keep this woman happy and content, think again.

#6. Intelligent
The thirst for knowledge and the love for sharing this knowledge with others expressed by this zodiac contributes greatly to the intelligence portrayed by the Aquarius woman. In learning and sharing that which they have learnt with others, they not only gain more knowledge but seem to be able to handle any challenge that is presented to them. Their intelligence and team spirit makes them suitable for leadership roles. 

Likes & Dislikes of Aquarius Woman

The Aquarius woman does that which moves her. She tends towards people, situations and careers that allow and guarantee her freedom. She does not take well to being generalized or being fitted in a stereotypical box. Undermining her intelligence is an insult she does not particularly take well to.

Being an air sign, this woman naturally gravitates towards those things that fill her life with adventure. Travelling and experiencing new cultures, meeting new people and sharing ideas, trying new foods, are all things that she will derive a significant amount of joy from.

Her compassionate nature makes her dislike any form of social injustices. She often associates these to a denial of other’s freedom, be it social, intellectual or economical. Given just how much she values her own, it is no wonder that any attempts to violate that of others will bring out her angry and passionate side.

Aquarius Woman in Love & Relationships

aquarius zodiac sign

An Aquarius woman in love is a creative woman. When she is truly devoted to you, be ready for quirky, unique and often grand gestures of love. She will go to great lengths to show you her love.

Relationships with this woman is rather different from most. You have to engage her mentally to keep her. Dates have to be an entire experience. She will challenge you to keep things fresh constantly or risk losing her.

Her identity and independence are of great importance to her. A partner that threatens to take these away from her will lose her in an instant. It is for this fear of having that which makes her who she is stripped away from her in the name of accommodating the wants and needs of others that makes her shy away from settling down. However, once she does and is comfortable in the role of spouse and mother, she is fully devoted to this new identity.

Be ready for brutal honesty, an emotional roller coaster, experimentation in matters sex, and unconventional ways when pursuing a romantic relationship with this woman.

Aquarius Woman in Career and Money

Aquarius women tend to excel in careers that allow them their freedom. They are creative and assertive in nature. When working within a team, their creative nature contributes valuable ideas for others to execute (they tend to shy away from the latter). Their assertive nature helps to steer the team into the direction that is focused on the task at hand. They are thus suited for careers within the creative fields such as advertising and fields that require one to assert a certain level of control in order to achieve the desired results such as science and engineering. Micromanaging this zodiac is a major don’t if you hope to have a cordial and fruitful working relationship with her.

Money matters are not the highest priority for her. She is always in control of her financials. Her independent nature would not allow her to be irresponsible with her money. With that said, the Aquarius woman can be a generous woman owing to her humanitarian nature. On the flip side, she can be rather shrewd thanks to her detachment issues.

Aquarius Woman in Friendships

aquarius zodiac sign

It is difficult to differentiate between friendships and acquaintances with the Aquarius woman. Her generous and friendly nature makes her a people’s person. You are bound to find her surrounded by people from all walks of life. Regardless of your social and, or financial status, an Aquarius woman will always find you interesting and a delight to talk to.

Take a closer look at how she relates with the different people in her life and you will realize that she keeps a small friendship circle. For those that manage to cross the divide between acquaintance and friend in her eyes, they are met with a loyal, kind, yet brutally honest friend that will show up for them no matter the circumstance.

Her friendship circle, albeit small, is highly diverse. This is representative of her diverse interest. It is important that her friends stimulate her intellectually and engage her humanitarian side as well. 

Fashion & Style of Aquarius Woman

aquarius zodiac sign

The non-conformist and independent nature of an Aquarius woman is evident in her wardrobe choices. She will be comfortable shopping anywhere from designer boutiques to thrift stores. She is in search of the pieces that speak to her and excite her rather than those that are trendy.

No doubt her unusual combination of different articles of clothing and jewellery pieces will make her stand out. Interestingly, no matter how shocking or ridiculous an outfit might appear to be, this lovely lady will rock it like no one else can.

She is eclectic in her tastes. One minute she is dressed in an outfit fit for royalty the next she is absolutely working that wandering traveller look. Just like her personality, her wardrobe choices make her equipped to mingle and interact with individuals form various walks of life. 

As far as colours go, she is a rainbow. Whatever colour seems to make her happy at the moment is the colour she will opt for. However, she looks particularly stunning in electric blue.

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