Cancers in Love and Relationships – Compatibility

When it comes to relationships, there’s nothing Cancer wants more than to share their dreams and their love with someone they can truly connect with.

This sign is nurturing, loving, supportive, and understanding, and while they can be huge dreamers, they tend to pursue serious relationships above all else.

It’s no surprise, then, that the signs more compatible with Cancer are those that are family-oriented, domestic, traditional and those that put quite a lot of thought in their future.

We’re talking about…

Cancer and Taurus

taurus zodiac sign

Cancer and Taurus have plenty in common: Both treasure stability, both have nurturing personalities and, overall, they’re both rather domestic souls that don’t seek out unnecessary drama.

Because of their shared characteristics, this relationship tends to be a happy and pleasant one, where both members look and provide security and comfort.

Cancer will admire Taurus’ straightforward and sincere personality, while Taurus can get from Cancer new inspiration and a different approach to seeing life.

This couple can work so well that their only relationship-threatening difference comes from a possible lack of communication:

Because Cancer tends to bottle things up, and Taurus is known to assume that everything is alright if they think it’s okay, small issues can transform into big ones if not resolved in time.

If Cancer and Taurus communicate well, they’ll be able to form a stable and steady relationship that can set the bases for a long-lasting and loving family relationship.

Cancer and Scorpio

scorpio zodiac sign

Cancer and Scorpios are both two emotionally intense signs that, nonetheless, look for stability and commitment, which makes them a potentially fantastic match.

Both Cancer and Scorpio enjoy domestic life, and spending a lot of money on ensuring their living space is comfortable and beautiful.

This is both a blessing and a course since both parties will be happy to purchase new things for the home, but there might be clashes when it comes to taste.

Though Cancer is generally more willing to plunge into a relationship than Scorpio without knowing if the other person is in for the long term or not, they still crave security and stability, so they might find themselves falling for the steadfast Scorpio whether they intended to or not.

This match is one of the most loyal in the zodiac, as well as one of the most compatible for those looking for long-term commitment and starting a family, as Cancer tends to interest themselves more with home-related stuff. At the same time, Scorpios turn their ambition towards their jobs and careers.

There are few clashes between these two signs, which means that, as long as the couple knows how to communicate clearly and can trust each other implicitly, this is one of the most promising matches in the entire zodiac.

Cancer and Virgo

virgo zodiac sign

While no one will be writing steamy and passionate romance novels about these two, Cancer and Virgo could very well write volumes about long-lasting relationships.

That’s right; this particular match is ideal for people looking for long-term relationships, as well as those interested in starting a family.

These goal-oriented, devoted, patient, and family-loving signs aren’t known for their casual flings and whirlwind romances, but rather for taking things seriously from the get-go.

Because they’re slow to get started, this pairing can come off as dull and predictable, but they’re perfectly fine with it.

The idea of getting a beautiful house, decorating it just right, raising a family, and achieving their goals in life really motivates them, and they’ll be able to support each other throughout the entire relationship.

Though they’re very compatible when it comes to their goals and how to achieve them, Cancer and Virgo do tend to clash day-to-day life, particularly when it comes to communicating.

Virgo’s straightforward, hypercritical approach to life can easily hurt Cancer’s feelings, and Cancer may find themselves bearing the weight of all emotional interactions in the relationship.

However, if both partners work together and make an effort to consider each other’s needs and points of views, this pairing is almost guaranteed to last.

Cancer and Pisces

pisces zodiac sign

The best word to describe this match is ‘peaceful.’

Both Cancer and Pisces tend to be tolerant, spiritual, emotional, and eager to enter a relationship where they can find comfort and sympathy.

Both signs are dreamers and are always striving to have the perfect relationship, which means they’ll both support each other when it comes to achieving this goal.

Pisces will open Cancer’s eyes to many relationship goals and new adventures, while Cancer’s steadfast personality will help Pisces keep their feet on the ground.

Not everything is perfect, of course. Cancers might grow tired of Pisces’ idealism, and Pisces might get annoyed at Cancer’s self-centeredness, but as is common in any relationship, as long as both parties are willing to work together, the relationship can be one of the Zodiac’s happiest.

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