Virgo in Love and Relationships – Compatibility

A controversial sign if there’s ever been one, Virgos have a strong personality that often clashes with others.

However, that strong personality and cool-headed approach to life can act as a magnet for many signs out there, some of which will look at Virgo as a paragon of stability and logic.

Believe it or not, it’s often the most romantic, dreamy signs that feel attracted to the cool-headed Virgo.

Some feel that way because they value stability, others before they love Virgo’s practical approach to life.

Whatever the reason, these signs are the most compatible with Virgo:

Virgo and Cancer

cancer zodiac sign

They say opposites attract, but in the case of these two water signs, we’d rather say “opposites complement each other.”

Though Cancer is emotional, and Virgo is highly rational, they often manage to get along wonderfully thanks to Cancer’s willingness to listen to logic and Virgo’s love for giving advice.

Cancer is the kind of sign that’s capable of finding something positive about Virgo’s most annoying habits, as well as one of the few signs patient enough to help Virgo transform those habits into something more productive.

Cancer will nurture and love Virgo in a way that Virgo understands and treasures, while Virgo will provide Cancer with that sense of security they so badly crave.

They’re both traditional romantics who, when in love, go all out, showing their love and affection in every way they know how.

This relationship won’t be completely free of conflict, but as long as Virgo can learn how to be a little nicer and Cancer doesn’t let Virgo walk over them, it’s a promising pairing that you shouldn’t overlook.

Virgo and Scorpio

scorpio zodiac sign

A no-nonsense kind of couple who treasures stability and security equally, Virgo and Scorpio may not have the most intense relationship out there, but they sure understand each other.

Scorpios tend to be more passionate than Virgos, but thanks to their love for privacy and highly individualistic behaviors, they look at Virgo’s calm and collected attitude as a plus, rather than a downside.

While some look at Virgo as an aloof, almost distant partner, Scorpio sees them as someone who respects their space and values their time alone, which is precisely what Scorpio often looks in a partner.

Virgo’s highly rational and calculated approach to romance will also appeal to Scorpio’s own, tempered approach, as, while more passionate, Scorpio sure doesn’t like rushing things when it comes to love.

Another reason why these two are so compatible? They both love to plan for the future and enjoy spending time at home, which means quiet nights reading and watching TV are definitely on the table.

Virgo and Pisces

pisces zodiac sign

You’d think these two would clash immediately, but the truth is they can make a rather interesting match.

Though Virgo has a strong, almost harsh personality, they tend to love helping people, and Pisces is more than happy to help with that.

Pisces humanitarian tendencies will appeal to Virgo, while Virgo’s practical approach will prevent others from taking advantage of Pisces.

Virgo’s practical and straightforward approach to life will give Pisces security and stability, while Pisces more laid-back, almost unconcerned attitude will result attractive and admirable to Virgo.

The relationship between the doer and the dreamer won’t always be the easiest one, as they’re very different from each other, but if they manage to learn from each other and adapt to their differences, they’ll complement each other in ways few signs can match.

Virgo and Virgo

virgo zodiac sign

They say it takes one to know one, and, in this case, the saying applies 100%.

No one will understand a Virgo quite like a Virgo, and, because of this, they’ll find themselves agreeing about most things.

They’ll both take a practical approach to their day-to-day life, they’ll both make an effort to keep their home spotless, they’ll both take unparalleled joy at pointing out other people’s shortcomings, and they’ll both support each other on their quest of self-improvement.

This match has all the workings of a perfect relationship, except for one little thing: Neither of them likes to be nagged, but both of them love nagging.

To succeed, the Virgo and Virgo couple need to reach a truce almost as soon as the relationship starts.

All advice, constructive criticism, and suggestions should be directed to people outside of the relationship, while things involving the couple should be discussed as logically and straightforwardly as possible.

By resisting the temptation of telling each other what they should do, and instead focusing on what they both should do, as a couple, the Virgo and Virgo match will be able to overcome just about anything.

If, however, these two start pointing out ways in which they think the other can improve? The relationship will implode almost immediately.

Remember, Virgos can dish out quite a lot of criticism, but they often can’t take it.

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