No one likes being inconvenienced; that’s just a fact of life.

Unexpected delays, small accidents, lack of proper communication, etc. No matter the shape and origin of nuisances, no one, not even the most cheerful and optimistic individual gets happy about it.

They’re called inconveniences, after all.

However, some signs are just plain better at dealing with them than others, choosing to see troubles and obstacles as opportunities to try something new and learn from the situation.

The following signs, though? They take annoyance to a whole new level.

Whether they genuinely can’t deal with unexpected eventualities or whether they choose to treat them as a personal offense, the following signs “can’t even” when it comes to things not going their way.


aries zodiac sign

Those born under the sign of Aries have no patience. At all.

They can’t stand being inconvenienced, delayed, kept from doing what they want to do, etc.

They have their whole day planned ahead of them, and they look forward to achieving everything they’ve set their mind to, so the idea of someone getting in their way is more than they’re willing to put up with.

Arieses are also stubborn and confrontational, so if you inconvenience them, you better be prepared for an argument.


capricorn zodiac sign

Fastidious and eager to stick to a well-defined plan, Capricorns hate eventualities and anything that might keep them from fulfilling the day’s task.

Those born under this sign aren’t known for their improvisation skills and relaxed attitude, which means than when something or someone derails their plans; they often don’t know how to react.

Disciplined and careful, it’s not easy to get in the way of Capricorn’s plans, but when it happens, Capricorn’s legendary patience might just fly out of the window.


virgo zodiac sign

Virgos take consistency and schedules to a whole new level, enjoying the security that comes from planning each day carefully.

Capable of getting lost in the details and liable to obsess over achieving everything perfectly, this sign will fly off the handle if an inconvenience keeps them from following their plans.

They’re also renowned overthinkers and can hold legendary grudges, which means not only will they get angry if you inconvenience them, but they’ll also hold it against you.


cancer zodiac sign

Intuitive, spontaneous, and capable of going with the flow, you’re probably surprised to find Cancer in this list, but those who have interacted closely with this sign knows it’s fitting.

They might be able to adapt to new and annoying situations and might even be capable of changing their plans at the last minute, but being able to do something isn’t the same as being happy to do it.

For all of their adaptability, Cancers do hate having to change their plans because of someone else’s mistakes.

Who can’t blame them?


aquarius zodiac sign

Aquarians, find it hard to understand why inconveniences happen in the first time.

They’re strategists and careful planners, so they probably have failsafes, safeguards and plans B through Z in place to keep things going as expected.

Because of this, when a genuinely inconvenient thing happens and messes with their plans, no matter their precautions, Aquarians can become furious.

Luckily, they can always use this anger to fuel new and innovative ideas, but they still hate the inconvenience.


leo zodiac sign

Leos tend to be helpful and magnanimous… as long as things go as expected.

A sudden change of plans, an unavoidable inconvenience, and a noticeable delay are some of the things that can get Leo to go from helpful to regretful in two seconds flat.

Yes, their initial offer to help was sincere, but as soon as things start going bad, they’ll wish to have avoided the whole situation entirely, and might even resent the person who asked for their help in the first place.

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