These 6 Zodiac Signs Appear Tough But Are Actually Sweethearts

Some people wear their heart on their sleeve. Others hide it under so many layers; it’s easy to forget they have a heart in the first place.

Maybe they’re trying to avoid getting hurt. Perhaps they’re just stoic. Regardless of the reason, some people appear as tough as nails, and it’s very hard to imagine that they could have a sensitive side.

It takes years of knowing them and seeing them at their best and their worst, to finally realize they’re a lot more vulnerable than they allow themselves to show.

Sounds like someone you know?

If it does, it’s probably because the person you’re thinking about is one of the following zodiac signs.


capricorn zodiac sign

Usually, Capricorns only develop a hard exterior after they’ve been hurt more than once, which means it’s often the older Capricorns that fit into this category.

They can be unfriendly, irritable, impatient, and fond of acting like any social interaction is an obligation rather than an opportunity.

The truth is, it’s a little of both. Capricorns, particularly those who have been burned before, tend to be shy and feel uncomfortable around strangers, which means any outing full of people they don’t know is a genuine challenge.

When faced with a too big challenge or a situation they’d rather not be in, Capricorns tend to wall up and put their coolest facade in an attempt to appear unperturbed and unapproachable.

Hey, you can’t be shoved into an awkward conversation if you look too intimidating to talk to, right?


virgo zodiac sign

Virgos aren’t exactly known for their spontaneity, and that goes twice for Virgos, who feel uncomfortable in their environment.

That “too cool for school” attitude Virgos are known for? Planned, rehearsed, and carefully constructed to appear as real and as natural as possible.

Virgos are overtly critical and harsh, especially when it comes to themselves, and this characteristic often leads them to push away others, both on purpose and accidentally.

Though they act like they don’t care what other people think, they do, and small injustices and uncalled-for jabs can often hurt them, even if they don’t let it show.

What’s worse is that Virgos aren’t good at letting things go, which, combined with their tendency to present themselves as untouchable, means they’ll stew in their emotions until they reach a boiling point, rather than letting things go.


aquarius zodiac sign

Aloof, detached, and emotionally unavailable, Aquarians love presenting themselves as the ultimate ice kings/queens.

By presenting themselves as untouchable and near-invulnerable, they try to keep themselves safe from unwanted emotions.

Because of their gregarious nature, they don’t choose to push away people. Still, by presenting themselves as emotionally unreachable, they ensure they don’t have to listen to other people’s problems and maintain an emotional distance from them.

Aquarius’s hard shell isn’t as apparent as other signs, but it does shine through in sarcastic comments and a constant need for personal space.


aries zodiac sign

While Aries individuals can be detached and not care one bit about what strangers say, the actions and words of their loved ones can hurt them tremendously.

Friends, family, significant others, and people they look up to have a direct pass at Aries’s hearts, which means they can break it, and that’s the thing no Aries bounces back from with ease.

However, openly showing said emotions isn’t an Aries thing to do. For all that they’re impulsive, they do have their dignity and prefer to show a tough exterior than to admit that they care.

Aries’ impulsivity tends to play against them in this aspect, as they can show a cool and collected exterior, only for it to crack when things don’t go their way, betraying the sign’s true feelings.


scorpio zodiac sign

More than tough, Scorpios are mysterious. They hide their emotions behind a facade of ambiguity to ensure no one knows exactly how they feel.

This air of mystery helps them sell the image of being in control at all times, even when they feel like the world is crumbling around them, and they’d love nothing more than to lean on a friend.

Scorpios are faithful and expect others to be the same. They find it hard to trust others and prefer to do things by themselves than depend on someone who they don’t 100% trust.

Because of this, Scorpios find it hard to ask for help and prefer to do things on their own, but those who have trusted friends?

They have no problem asking for their help when they need it.


pisces zodiac sign

No one’s surprised by Pisces’ emotional turmoil, that’s basically their defining characteristic, but what surprises people are the lengths these individuals will go to avoid it being used against them.

Developing an armor is just the beginning. They’re also remarkably good at pushing down their emotions and negative thoughts, even when they know it’s not the healthiest thing to do.

They also tend to mask their negative emotions to keep others from seeing their less positive side, but they can only do it for a while before the damn breaks.

Since people tend to take advantage of this sign’s selfless nature, older Pisces are often less willing to help and more skeptical of other people’s intentions.

They still want to help, but they’ve developed barriers to keep themselves from being taken advantage of.

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