Virgos in Love and Relationship – Weaknesses

Virgos are one of the most controversial zodiac signs out there. Some people love them; some people hate them. Most people flip flop between the two extremes.

We’ve already covered what makes Virgo an excellent partner, so today we’re tackling how the same characteristics can make them a terrible partner if left out of control.

Let’s get started.

They’re judgemental

Let’s cut to the chase, Virgos are easily the most judgmental sign in the entire zodiac.

They’ll try to pass it off as “brutal honesty,” and they can be tremendously honest, but there’s a difference between being honest and being judgmental, and Virgo is both.

They care way too much about how other people dress, talk, act, or even look, and they’ll bring attention to the things they don’t like, criticizing them relentlessly for their own enjoyment.

While this isn’t an automatic deal-breaker to some –after all, some couples enjoy criticizing others– it does have the potential to be a rather significant weakness in their relationships.

After all, those criticisms can easily be directed to the people they love.

They’re Perfectionists

Perhaps Virgo is so critical of others because they demand perfection whenever they can get it.

They try to look their best, so they expect others to do the same; they try to excel at work and expect others to hold themselves to the same standard.

While this isn’t necessarily a negative trait or a weakness, it can become one if Virgo doesn’t learn how to be more flexible with their demands and their expectations.

Just because they want to be perfect, it doesn’t mean that others want the same, and holding others up to “the Virgo standard” can cause some serious friction in a relationship.

This doesn’t mean every relationship with a Virgo will be full of criticism, though, but the potential is there.

They’re neat freaks (and hypocondriac.)

To put it simply, Virgo isn’t a laid-back zodiac sign.

They take things very seriously, and nowhere is this more apparent than in their hygiene and their health.

Their body is their temple, and though they may not have the healthiest habits out there, they’re always on the lookout for things that can improve their health from any real or imaginary problem.

Worse? They’ll often try to peddle their beliefs to everyone they care about, which is incredibly sweet, but also tremendously annoying.

Perhaps for the same reason, they tend to be seriously tidy, to the point that they’ll stop everything they’re doing to clean up a place they consider dirty.

Emphasis on the “they,” as the place might actually be clean, just not the way Virgo likes to clean, which to them means it’s not clean at all.

These aren’t necessarily relationship deal-breakers, at least as long as Virgo manages to control their impulses.

An out of control Virgo will criticize even the smallest of things about their partner’s health and hygiene habits, and that can damage a relationship a lot in a really short time.

virgo zodiac sign

They love debating a little too much.

Virgos love being intellectually stimulated, and few things stimulate them as much as a good debate.

As with many other Virgo characteristics, there’s nothing inherently wrong with wanting to debate. In fact, it can be quite fun and stimulating.

However, when everything turns into a debate, it can be incredibly exhausting.

What’s worse, Virgos are stubborn, and they absolutely refuse to lose a debate, even when they’re entirely in the wrong.

They’ll twist the facts and even try to change the original argument just to support their point, because they can’t stand the idea of losing a debate.

This attitude can turn even the friendliest of debates into an argument, one that quickly turns things personal, which in turn can create issues where previously they were none.

Plus, sharing your opinion on a subject just to be immediately challenged because Virgo is bored does get rather dull after a while.

They’re far too sensitive.

One would think that if someone is willing to dish out brutal criticism, one should be able to receive it, but that’s not the case with Virgo.

They tend to take things personally even when no real offense was intended, and they get upset over the strangest of things sometimes.

This is a weakness not only in their relationships but also in life; people will treat you the way you treat them, after all.

Virgo’s habit of treating others with brutal honesty but wanting to be pampered and treated kindly is not only hypocritical but a huge problem they have to work on if they want to have a happy relationship with their loved ones.

Laid-back and adaptable, Virgos are not.

This zodiac sign has many things going for them when it comes to dating, but they also have some pretty big problems that will drive their partners crazy if they’re not careful.

Achieving a balance between the positive and negative aspects of their personalities is crucial for Virgo to have a healthy and long-lasting relationship.

But if there’s something we know, is that their drive for perfection will push them to improve themselves as a partner.

Go, Virgo!

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