Capricorn in Love and Relationships – Weaknesses

The funny thing about Capricorn is that the same things that make them such fantastic partners are often the same thing that makes them a bad partner.

It’s all about balance, and how much, or how little, a specific Capricorn has.

A positive attribute can turn into a negative whenever there’s too much of it, and nowhere is this as apparent as with Capricorn.

Their determination transforms into a stubbornness; their independence becomes; they’re traditional tendencies become inflexible, and so on.


We all have things that we don’t want to share with the rest of the world, and most of us don’t walk around with our hearts on our sleeves.

However, there’s a difference between being a reserved person and being secretive, and Capricorns tend to straddle that line even when surrounded by people they love.

It has less to do with not trusting their partners and more with Capricorn failing to see how sharing certain bits of information is important, but the effect tends to be the same: A partner who feels betrayed or hurt because Capricorn is hiding something from them.


Capricorn’s “take-charge” attitude can be attractive to some, but it can also come off as too dominant or downright controlling to others.

What’s worse, if Capricorn lets this aspect of their personality dominate the rest, even those who like that domineering personality might be put-off by Capricorn’s desire to always be in charge.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to take over and do things yourself, nor is there anything wrong with wanting to keep your partner safe and happy, but Capricorns can take those desires to uncomfortable degrees, and that has the potential of hurting even the most stable of relationships.

capricorn zodiac sign


While they might call themselves realistic, the truth is that Capricorns can be a pessimistic bunch.

It helps them prepare for the future, and it’s a quality that can help them protect their family and loved ones, but it’s also the kind of quality that can get really old, really fast if Capricorn doesn’t learn how to see the bright side of things.

Preparing for the worst scenario is always a good idea, expecting it to come at every turn, not so much.


We’ve talked before about how Capricorns tend to be financially stable, which makes them a fantastic partner.

While this is true, it’s also true that Capricorns can take that to the next level by being a little to focused on saving money that they don’t pay attention to other aspects of life.

This strategy can, no doubt, help Capricorn well when they’re single, but when they’re in a family, it pays to understand that being too cheap can be just as dangerous as spending too much.

As always, it’s all about striking a balance.


Capricorns are the kind of sign that works tirelessly to achieve their goals and desire, often to the point of getting tunnel vision.

They have an undeniable “the end justifies the means” streak, and while that can be advantageous towards becoming a successful individual, it can also act as a double-edged sword when in a relationship.

For starters, there’s no way a Capricorn could be with someone in the same field, at least not if they have similar ambition levels.

Some signs may see their loved ones competing for the same work-position or goals as healthy competition and might even have fun. Capricorns will see it as a personal afront.

Then, of course, come Capricorn’s workaholic tendencies.

Even if their loved ones are satisfied with sitting on the sidelines cheering them on, Capricorns can and often get wrapped up in their ambitions and plans, which often makes them forget about everything else.

Excellent quality for a worker. Not so much for a romantic partner.


Capricorn’s stubbornness strikes again.

We’ve already discussed Capricorn’s domineering personality and just how ruthless they can be when there’s something they want, so it should come as no surprise that Capricorns can be particularly rigid about the way they approach things, including relationships.

Their traditional approach to love and relationships, their desire for a long-term relationship, their near-obsession with excelling, and their thirst for being in control can make for a rather inflexible combination that can, in turn, ruin even most robust relationships.

When it comes to romantic relationships, Capricorns can bring a lot to the table, but there’s such thing as “too much,” and for this Zodiac sign, crossing the line can be particularly easy.

Luckily, Capricorns are good listeners and recognize the value of working as a couple, so talking to them and establishing firm limits is usually the way to go when dating this zodiac signs.

Clear communication and well-defined limits and rules benefit any couple tremendously, but it can be particularly useful for this headstrong sign.

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