These 5 Zodiac Signs Spend Way Too Much!

Let’s face it; shopping is fun.

It’s not just the thrill of owning something new but also the fun of browsing, trying out new things, and, why not? Fantasizing about how this or that will look, even if we know, we can’t afford it.

It’s easy to get carried away when shopping, and ever now and then, we end up spending more than we originally planned to.

We’ve all been there.

The following zodiac signs, however, find themselves spending way too much, way too often.

They might not be full-blown shopaholics, but they’re closer than they’d like to admit.

#1. Pisces

pisces zodiac sign

Known for being too kind and too giving, Pisces have no qualms with giving money to those in need, and spending in small gifts and little details to show their appreciation.

They’re not very good at keeping track of who owes them money either, which means Pisces often go over their budget if they keep a budget, to begin with.

Buying for others might make this sign feel good, but they need to learn how to set limits — both for themselves and others.

This isn’t to say Pisces won’t buy things to make themselves happy, but they tend to have a tighter leash on that kind of expenses while giving free rein to the purchases made for others.

#2. Sagittarius

sagittarius zodiac sign

Sagittarians suffer from an excess of optimism and a lack of realism.

They’ll plan according to what they want, rather than what they have, which means that they tend to go overboard for good or for bad.

Either they’ll buy like there’s no tomorrow, or they’ll save money they’re supposed to spend, which can lead to its own kind of problems.

Sagittarius needs to learn how to be realistic and stop setting up unreachable goals for themselves, regardless if that goal is related to saving money or buying something they want.

#3. Libra

libra zodiac sign

Known for their impulsivity, it’s no surprise that Libra made it to the list.

It’s also not surprising that they spend more than they should.

Known for their impulse purchases, change of plans, abandoning well-thought-out budgets, and going with the flow, Libras aren’t the best money savers out there.

Quite the contrary.

This flighty sign is perfectly capable of heading out to the bank to deposit money into their savings account, only to come back home with new clothes and high-end chocolate.

No amount of good intentions will help Libra get over their spending habits if they don’t learn to keep track of said expenses, but asking them to do it is easier said than done.

#4. Gemini

gemini zodiac sign

It’s not that Geminis are unrepentant spenders. It’s more than they tend to forget to keep a budget in the first place.

They’re busy people. They have plenty to do and many people to see. They can’t be expected to keep track of everything they spend.

Geminis aren’t as impulsive or gung-ho about buying as other signs in this list, but they’re not disciplined enough to budget.

At least not with a push.

Said push could come from difficult situations or a comment from a friend, but it needs to happen before Geminis start doing anything about their spending.

Once the budget is set, Geminis are generally good at sticking to it, but make no mistake. If a bad day comes and they feel like being pampered, that budget is going the way of the dodo.

#5. Aries

aries zodiac sign

When it comes to Aries, one thing needs to be clear. They don’t buy impulsively, but only because they’ve rationalized every purchase.

Once they have something they want, they’ll find a way to justify why they need it.

It might happen in a matter of seconds, or it might take months, but even when presented with evidence of the contrary, Arieses will be able to excuse any and all purchases.

They’re not bad at saving, exactly. They can keep their retirement and rainy day savings intact, but if they have money to burn? It will burn, often not on things they needed, but on things they wanted.

Is there a difference?

Not for Aries, as their wants become needs if given the time to do so.

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