While it’s still traditional and by far the most common form of relationship, monogamy is no longer the only kind of romantic relationship out there.

Open marriages, polygamous relationships, and other combinations have slowly entered the collective mind and are carving a space in society.

Nonetheless, monogamy remains typical, and while plenty of people who call themselves monogamous cheat on their partners, many others are perfectly happy to be with their other half.

Whether they’re doing it out of respect and love for their partner or whether they genuinely can’t imagine being with anyone else, the following zodiac signs are the most likely to stick to a monogamous relationship and mean it.

#1 Virgo

virgo zodiac sign

Virgos are known for their dedication and commitment to anything they choose to do, and relationships are no different.

If anything, they make even more of an effort.

Virgos work hard on their relationships and are genuinely interested in making them work. They’re not known for their flights of fancy, so if they’re interested in you, they’ll mean it.

On a more cynical side, Virgos are also practical; they recognize that maintaining more than one relationship is too much work and will undoubtedly lead to failure, so sticking to a single partner is only logical.

#2 Leo

leo zodiac sign

Leos love being admired and cared for, which means a stable romantic relationship means a lot to them.

Sure, they can always find people that admire them, but someone who loves them and genuinely gets them is a lot more complicated, and Leos know that.

What’s more, though they don’t like to admit it, Leos can be pretty possessive, and the idea of sharing their partners with someone else can be too much to bear.

Monogamy, then, is Leo’s best option.

#3 Libra

libra zodiac sign

Committed and old-fashioned, Libras genuinely enjoy focusing their attention and romantic feelings on a single partner.

It’s not only generally easier, but it’s also the best way to dedicate yourself fully to your relationship and really get to know what makes your significant other tick.

Libras aren’t risk-takers, and that tends to extend to relationships as well: A comfortable and committed monogamous relationship is way easier than involving other people.

#4 Pisces

pisces zodiac sign

Always thinking with their hearts, even the most open-minded Pisces out there will have trouble with the idea of sharing their partner, however temporary and consensual it might be.

Often oversensitive, Pisces can come to doubt themselves in a polygamous relationship, always double-guessing whether the other parties love them as much, and seeing signs of the opposite where there are none.

Pisces individuals are also known for giving too much, so the more partners they have, the higher the chances of giving and giving without asking anything in return.

#5 Cancer

cancer zodiac sign

While Cancers could potentially be a match for open marriages and polygamous relationships, thanks to how comfortable they are in relationships in general, they have a dark side that might complicate matters.

When things are going great in a relationship, they’ll be the most faithful, protective, and loving individuals to every party involved.

If they start feeling threatened like the relationship isn’t fair or that the parties involved aren’t equally committed, they can get suspicious, clingy, and outright paranoid.

Still, if they’re willing to put in the work to not let their negative thoughts rule them, Cancers have a better shot at non-monogamous relationships than others in this list.

#6 Capricorn

capricorn zodiac sign

While they’re a very sexual zodiac sign, Capricorns are also known for their traditional values and more reserved approach to relationships.

Faithful, practical, and reliable. Building a long-lasting relationship where every party is equally committed is crucial for this sign.

While Capricorns may not have a problem with polygamy and other non-monogamous relationships, per se, they’re likely to see monogamy as a time-tested and secure option overall.

Still, Capricorns are notoriously sexual beings, so threesomes, cuckolding, swinging, and other kinks might be explored, provided they keep that kind of exploration in the bedroom.

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