These 6 Zodiac Signs Can’t Get Over Their Ex

Let’s face it; getting over an ex is never easy.

Whether it as an amicable breakup or a bad one, it’s easy to get hung up on all the good –and the bad– things that happened during the relationship.

You wonder what you did wrong, what your ex did wrong, and you think and think about all the things you could’ve done differently.

Even when you think you’re over your ex, a song comes up, or your ex’s favorite movie, and you’re once again thinking about them, idealizing the good things about your relationship and ignoring the bad ones.

Yup, we’ve all been there.

That’s because it happens to all of us; we all get hung-up on our exes for a while, but the following signs?

They take it to a whole new level.

#1. Cancer

cancer zodiac sign

Cancer’s attitude towards a breakup changes a lot depending on who did the breaking.

If Cancer did it, chances are they’ll move on quickly, as they weren’t particularly invested in the relationship in the first place.

If their partner did it? Oh boy.

They’re the typical ex that idealizes their previous relationship, conveniently ignoring the bad things that happened and magnifying the right things, no matter how rare.

That’d be bad enough on its own, but Cancer takes it one step further by comparing their new partners with their idealized version of their ex, which can cause all kinds of problems.

#2. Taurus

taurus zodiac sign

We all know that Tauruses are stubborn. That’s old news.

What you may not have known is that, behind their bullish attitude and their claims that they’re over their ex, they aren’t.

They won’t show their heartache publicly, choosing instead to mope in secret until they manage to get over the entire thing.

A Taurus may try their hardest to convince you that they’re over their ex, but chances are that, when it comes, that closure will take them a lot longer than they’ll claim it did.

#3. Libra

libra zodiac sign

It’s hard to meet a Libra that isn’t hung up on one ex or another.

They’re the typical facebook stalker, checking out their ex’s social media accounts “out of curiosity” and sharing the news with their friends, only to get defensive if asked why they’re not over their ex.

Libras are naturally curious, and a bit on the obsessive side, but when it comes to an ex, particularly an ex that broke up with them, they can go straight into cyberstalking.

Even Libras who have mostly gotten over their ex can find themselves idly browsing the profile of one of their own flames.

So what if it’s been fifteen years since the breakup? Your ex wouldn’t have uploaded that if they didn’t want you to see.

#4. Virgos

virgo zodiac sign

Virgos tend to get hung-up on a variety of things.

Overthinker supremes, this sign is known for taking small affronts and musing about them until they’ve blown it out of proportion over the course of hours, days, or even weeks.

Does that sound like someone who can get over their ex easily?

Virgos won’t mope or cry; they’ll get angry, if not downright bitter.

They’ll take every problem they had with their ex, magnify it and share the dirty details with anyone foolish enough to listen.

That stranger who tells you everything about their crazy ex in the elevator?

Probably a Virgo.

#5. Pisces

pisces zodiac sign

The thing with Pisces is that they just can’t let go of things. Often literally.

This is the kind of person who will have a “memento box,” full of little memories from past relationships, which they like to revisit every now and then.

Those reminders don’t make moving on any easier, and it’s not uncommon for Pisces individuals to have trouble getting over several flames at the same time.

#6. Scorpio

scorpio zodiac sign

To put it simply, Scorpios tend to hold grudges.

Behind their tough exterior lays a soft and sensitive heart that feels strongly, so a breakup can really hurt them, and Scorpios tend to return the favor.

Hundreds of happy photos with their new partner, taking vacations to their ex’s dream spot, moving to the house they both planned to buy at some point.

Heck, revenge bodies were practically invented by Scorpio.

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