5 Bizarre Myths and Facts About LIBRA Zodiac Sign

Each zodiac sign has specific personality traits that reflects in the people born during the dates under that sign. Libra is one of those signs and the seventh sign in astrology. Apart from all the personality traits peculiar to Libra, there are also some misconceptions that people have about the sign. Many of these misconceptions are not true and in this article, we will debunk some of them and lay out the facts about being a Libra.

Libras love to be alone

One of the major weaknesses of Libras is that they try as much as possible to avoid confrontations and often, many people see it as preferring solitude or being left alone. However, this is not true as a Libra definitely does not love to be left alone and never wants to deal with anything that feels like being left alone. If you are making a plan and you include a Libra, they will thank you for it.

Libras do not like standing out.

Libras are all about keeping things balanced and maintaining diplomacy. This makes a lot of people conclude that Libras will be conformists and will hardly ever go against laid down rules. However, if there is anything Libras do not like, it is conformity. As much as they love peace, they would not lose what makes them interesting and unique. The love being different from the crowd and will take every chance to show off their individuality.

Libras are soft

This is perhaps the most widely believed misconception. Libras may come off as easy and carefree characters but a lot of Libras have tons of things going through their minds. While they appear to be sitting idly and doing nothing, they are observing everything going on and analyzing deeply.

cute baby

It is in the core of Libras to be observant and see the true picture of things when nobody expects them to and they do not use it as a defense mechanism like other zodiac signs. There is also the misconception that taking advantage of Libras is very easy because they do not know what the world is really like. However, if a Virgo decides to focus on something, they do it on overdrive and they will see far beyond what everyone can ordinarily see because of their observant and intuitive nature.

Libras are natural sidekicks

To be quite honest Libras do not project themselves as a powerhouse which is they are mostly considered to play the role of support. This could also be attributed to their craving for balance and moderation. They always tend to slip under the radar because they might not find a reason to feel like they should be different from the crowd. However, do not forget that the Libra sign is a cardinal sign and sometimes, when they get into relationship with other zodiac signs, they take control of things.

Libras are feminine in nature

Feminine refers to attributes like fragile, delicate, soft, relaxed, sensitive and subtle. The truth is these attributes are not limited to a specific zodiac sign. Anybody can have feminine attributes; they do not have to be Libras to have feminine attributes.


This alone blows this misconception out of the waters. Other zodiac signs do not make the people under them any more masculine or less feminine either. Even Libra and the scales are symbols of masculinity which means that the thoughts, posture, movement and words of a Libra should be far from being feminine. What this means is that the movement of a Libra will be surer and more deliberate, a Libra will make direct contact at all times, their speech will be direct and straight to the point and they will have a more stoic posture.


Understanding a Libra may not be such an easy task but this does not mean that you should believe every misconception and myth being passed around facts. Libras are fantastic people to be around but you have to open your mind and understand their unique attributes without concluding hastily. Even if a Libra is not willing to take initiative, you should appreciate that they are doing that to take on an important role to make things easier for anyone willing to take the lead.

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