5 Bizarre Myths and Facts About SCORPIO Zodiac Sign

Often, people seem to receive mixed messages from Scorpios because the zodiac sign has many personality contradictions. A lot of people feel intimidated when in the presence of Scorpios because they think the average Scorpio has malicious intent. However, Scorpios are not as sinister as they seem and should not be feared as such.

Scorpios have qualities that are admirable and can be the best partners or friends that anybody can have. A relationship with a Scorpio is usually a quality relationship as they devote a lot of time and offer you, genuine love. Even if you do not believe in astrology, you may be misunderstanding your Scorpio friend or relative, and all the myths flying around do not help matters either as they are largely untrue. By knowing those myths associated with the Scorpio sign, you will understand the Scorpio in your life better.

Scorpios are not trustworthy. 

Scorpios are very secretive and will not disclose anything going on in their life with anybody. For this reason, a lot of people think that Scorpios will not be able to keep the secrets of other people. However, this is not true because Scorpios understand the need for privacy and will respect that till the end, if anybody chooses to confide in them, they offer the guarantee to keep the secret.


Of course, a Scorpio will expect nothing less from you, either. If they share something personal with you, they expect you to keep it to yourself.

Scorpios do not have emotions.

Most times, people see Scorpios as without emotions or heartless. This is, however, not true as Scorpios stay in touch with their emotions and that of the people around them. A Scorpio may not trust you right away or share things with you, but you should not misconstrue that to mean that they do not feel anything. Give them time and make them comfortable, and you will be surprised at how much they are willing to let on.

Scorpios are self-centered

Scorpios are night sexual beings and are very much self-aware. Because these people usually think all they care about is themselves, whereas the average Scorpio has a soft core that can easily be reached. They are extremely kind and willing to serve others. Scorpios make sure they go out of their way to make other people happy and comfortable. Scorpios, if put in a position of power, will put the needs of other people before theirs.

Scorpios love to revenge.

This may be true to some extent as a Scorpio will make anybody who does them wrong face the consequences of their actions. But take note, this only applies to situations where a Scorpio was maliciously harmed or hurt. But if a pun or joke is thrown at a Scorpio, best believe that they can handle anything that comes their way.


A mature Scorpio is also aware of the kind of polarizing effect that they have on people, and they are subconsciously aware that not everyone will like them for various reasons. Scorpios can handle all of that without batting an eyelid or doing as much as give a hoot. But if you do as much as sabotage or cause damages to a Scorpio, be prepared for a rebuttal sooner or later.

Scorpios love sex

It is easy to misunderstand a Scorpio in this regard. Scorpios are incredibly sexy people, and this shows in how they approach people, talk, and engage in deals. This potent sexuality is one of the most powerful weapons that Scorpios have. They use it to not only attract potential romantic partners, but they also use it to get In the good books of people, seal deals, get discounts at the car dealership, and just about anywhere else that you can think of.

If anybody tries to read any deeper meaning to a Scorpio’s interaction with them, they just might be disappointed. Scorpios are not about all that. They just want to get their Yes and move on to other things. So, while you may be thinking about other things regarding your Scorpio friend or loved one, it is highly likely that you are getting things wrong, especially with all the misconceptions surrounding that zodiac sign.

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