5 Bizarre Myths and Facts About ARIES Zodiac Sign

People with the Aries zodiac sign are no doubt, great people. They are very honest, passionate, and motivated with a great deal of courage in them. An Aries never lets anything stand in their way, but of course, under all these positive traits, there will be things that will be misconstrued. As a person with the Aries Zodiac sign, you are going to hear a lot of myths and facts about your sign. Some myths are very common, and it is time to lay them to rest by debunking them and affirming those that are facts.

Aries are Rude

As an Aries, or if you have ever come across an Aries, then you will know how brutally honest they can be. An Aries will never sugarcoat information to preserve your feelings, and sometimes the way they pass on this truth can be aggressive. Aries value honesty and will ensure that you get a good dose of it. However, beneath that, honesty is a passionate, thoughtful, and considerate person who just believes that the best thing for everyone is learning the truth.

For anyone who understands the value of honesty, the Aries’ belief in honesty is actually a good thing. Lying is not exactly a good thing, either, especially when the lie gets discovered. So, the misconception about Aries being rude does not hold up.

Aries just want to win; they do not care about anybody’s feelings

This is only true in cases where they do not like the person involved, but generally, this is hardly the case. Aries always put themselves first in everything, and they do this not to hurt anybody’s feelings. They just do not like putting themselves behind for people to feel good.


If you feel embarrassed or weird by the fact that an Aries is better at something than you are, you will probably get a nice response about how they are also not so good at other things. The fact here is if you choose to see the good in the brutal honesty of an Aries, then you will be better for it.

Aries does not have self-control

Aries often come off as impatient, short-tempered, and impulsive, which might make people conceive them as having no self-control. However, this is not true as the determination, confidence, and courage, which are all characteristic traits of Aries, make them the best at self-control. You will never find an Aries complaining about things, but instead, you will find them doing something about it. 

Aries are Selfish

Of course, an Aries will put themselves first in virtually all situations, but they do care genuinely about those that they love. We should all care about ourselves first, so we should stop making it look like Aries that put themselves first are doing something wrong. Everyone should make themselves a priority and stop making those who do look like villains.


Aries also fight for what they want, which might make them seem selfish. Once an Aries has their mind set, nothing can get in the way. Now, this selfishness transcends to others as well. If someone close wants to get something done, an Aries will go above and beyond to help them make it happen. They go the whole distance to help others get things done. 

Aries are the best Athletes

Aries are highly energetic and usually enjoy engaging in physically demanding activities, but that is just it. It does not mean that Aries is the best athlete or that every Aries must have a strong interest in sports activities. Of course, many Aries are athletic, but a lot of other Aries do not enjoy participating in sports. They may be avid sports fans, but it does not mean that sport is their core. You will be surprised to know that a lot of Aries engage in other activities completely unrelated to sports that they find exciting.


The many misconceptions that people have about Aries are simply the qualities that many people should have, especially the part where People with Aries zodiac sign are considered rude because of their honesty. We should all be honest and be ready to damn the consequences. These misconceptions are not true, and with this article, we hope that you can adjust your outlook about people with this zodiac sign. 

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  1. A couple more myths about Aries:


    Wrong! Sometimes, if we know that there will be dire consequences if we express our anger, we will stuff it inside and pretend that everything is fine, but that doesn’t mean that all is forgotten, or forgiven. Someday, possibly months or even years later, there will be hell to pay. We can be very patient about this if we have to be, but once we’re in a position to deal with our enemies from a position of strength, watch out.


    As an Aries who has struggled with depression and anxiety, I know for a fact that this couldn’t be further from the truth. I could come up with a long list of famous Aries people who are very well known for their depth of emotion. Vincent Van Gogh would be one of them. It’s true that we can usually shake off depression and push through our fears, but there is a limit to our resilience. If we go through something really traumatic, or are forced to tolerate emotional abuse for many years, we can be affected by this too, as any other sign would be. And when depression takes hold of an Aries, it can be pretty bad. We may show our emotions differently from the way a Cancer might show them, but they aren’t any less real.


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