5 Bizarre Myths and Facts About VIRGO Zodiac Sign

According to the horoscope dated calendar, Virgos are born between August 23 and September 22, and one thing about Astrology is that zodiac signs are good tools that people can use to understand other people better as well as help you understand yourself better. Your zodiac sign can help you identify your strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes, and overall help you improve your life when needed.

However, no matter how much zodiac signs tell about people’s personalities, you have to take caution not to be part of those who generalize by judging a Virgo at face value. Virgos have a lot of depth that many people fail to see, which is why there are several misconceptions about their personality and character. Here are five bizarre myths and facts about the Virgo zodiac sign.

Virgos are judgmental and hyper-critical

Virgos cannot help but get analytical with virtually everything. They tend to worry about things a lot and can be tagged perfectionists. They have an eye for detail and will always see the most trivial issues that a lot of people may not notice. This makes it look like they are judgmental or critical about everything and is a wrong misconception that needs to be debunked.


Being a perfectionist is okay; after all, the goal is to produce the best possible result. If you think a Virgo is judging you, you are wrong. Their standards may just be different from yours, and that is okay too, because we all cannot be the same.

Virgos are too uptight

As much as the Virgo zodiac sign is represented by “the virgin” or the angel, beneath the modesty is a huge cloud of self-esteem and constant self-doubt. This explains why they may seem too uptight, shy and prudish. A Virgo finds it difficult to open up to people and at the same time, appear to look as unconcerned as they can. For everything they do, they have a strong conscience eating at the back of their minds, and they are constantly putting themselves through an evaluation in a bid to become the perfect picture of themselves that they have always dreamed of. To people who do not know them well, these can make them come off as difficult to reach and cold, but this is not true. They are always fighting a personal battle, so anything a Virgo does has nothing to do about anybody else but themselves.

Virgos are only happy when they are busy

Virgos are known for their desire to be busy at all times. Virgos are prone to getting anxious, which explains why they love doing anything to give them a feeling of accomplishment. For instance, if a Virgo is under a lot of stress, they just might start organizing things around the house just to stay busy. However, nobody stays busy throughout the whole day every day, which trumps the misconception that Virgos only enjoy being busy. At a point, the energy level will wane, and even the Virgo with the highest level of perfectionism will need to relax.

Virgos do not know how to have fun

This is another of the most common misconceptions about Virgos. They are seen as uptight, cold and boring. Most of these assumptions are made based on hearsay or short interaction with a Virgo.

boy mic

If you get to know a Virgo, you will discover a never-before-seen side of them that shows plenty of wits and charm. Although Virgos are more likely to showcase their fun side with family and friends, it still remains untrue that Virgos do not know how to have a good time.

Virgos overthink everything

 Virgos analyze every situation and things around them. They tend to think about things a lot and people around them may begin to see them as worriers. So, instead of dismissing them because they are always in their head, take advantage of their personality by coming to them with your problems. Their ability to overthink and analyze things makes them great advisers. They can point you in the right direction if you ever need advice on an issue and give you clarity towards a direction that even you never knew.


Virgos have their peculiar traits, but there are lots of misconceptions flying around too. Before you tag your Virgo friend as an over-thinker, judgmental, uptight, boring or any other adjective, try as much as possible to understand them so you can know about their unique qualities.

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