Unknown Dark Side Of Virgo Zodiac Sign

If you want a partner who will push you to be the best version of yourself, then a Virgo is your best bet. Natives of this zodiac are known for their focus and drive in life. Once they put their mind to something, there is no stopping them from achieving it.

This emotional go getters make some very solid friendships and lifelong partnerships. However, like all good things in this life, there is a dark side to Virgo. If not checked or understood, Virgo’s dark side can cause serious strains in their relationships. If you are close to a Virgo, an understanding of these dark side will come in handy.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting things done in a particular way to get a particular end result. Perfectionists create order in an otherwise chaotic world. They see to it that things are done right.

The Virgo perfectionist is however not your ordinary perfectionist. This brand of perfectionist will have Virgos obsessing over the smallest of details gone wrong. Some get visibly angry and irritated should things fail to fall into place as they wanted them to. This insatiable need to have things go in a particular way can cause a Virgo to be rather unbearable.


It isn’t entirely surprising that Virgos would be controlling. This zodiac likes things to follow a prescribed order. Virgo does not do chaos, only order. To attain this sense of order in their lives, they will do everything possible to ensure they achieve it.

In their quest for order, Virgos tend to be unceasingly controlling. It is their way or their way. This need for control can be costly in the long run. It tends to limit the possibilities that can be explored to achieve the same results. This level of control does lead to missed opportunities and generally stifles innovation and creativity.

Warped Sense Of Self

Virgos have great trouble with accepting themselves for who they truly are. They particularly have trouble with accepting their physical selves. To most Virgos, their bodies are not perfect enough. Negative Virgos will subject themselves to all manner of diet regimes, physical exercises, plastic surgeries and more all in the quest for that perfect body.


Their physical selves aside, they have an even harder time accepting the flaws within their mental and emotional selves. It is no wonder that Virgos tend to be predisposed to various addictions. At this point, it is important to note that no zodiac is exempted from the risk of falling victim to various forms of addiction. The only difference is that Virgos tend to look for an escape when they find it hard to accept not only the fact that it is okay to be a flawed human being, but it is okay if things do not necessarily go as planned.

Saviour Complex

Virgos are fixers. They see a problem, whether real or imagined, and instinctively want to fix it. There is a good side and a down side to this. The up side is that you can count on a Virgo to step up when things seem chaotic and out of control and normalize the situation. Where there is a Virgo, there is order.

The down side to this saviour complex is the fact that Virgos do not know where to stop. They seemingly lack the ability to say no to a challenge. They end up over stretching themselves and eventually burning out. They forget to take care of themselves with as much energy and dedication as they tend to look after others.

An over stretched Virgo is rather difficult to deal with. They tend to be irritable and simply unbearable. In their irritable state, they tend to lose sight of the things that matter and stay fixated on solving the problem regardless of the method. To them, the end justifies the means.

Take this saviour complex into the work place and Virgos can be a nightmare to work with. Remember that this is a rather driven lot! They will see a goal through to the end. Anyone seemingly slacking in a team with a Virgo will be in for some judgemental backlash. This lot simply does not know how to have a good time where work is involved.

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