Unknown Dark side of Gemini Zodiac Sign

Gemini is an air sign. This zodiac is known to be a rather happy go lucky sign. Geminis are known to be the life of the party. They are known to be hilarious individuals who light up the room and crack everyone up to ensure they have good time.

Geminis, symbolized by the two twins, do, however, have a reputation for being two faced. When a Gemini decides to cross over to the dark side, they cease to be as interesting and easy to be around as they initially were. The dark sides of a Gemini tend to stem from their more bubbly and pleasant sides.


A Gemini can talk you into any scenario. They have a way with words and this is what makes them the absolute sales men. Geminis tend to excel in careers that require them to deal with people. Meet the dark Gemini. This lot will convert their social prowess and their way with people to get what they want.  The worst bit about their manipulative tendencies is that Geminis seems to have perfected this art that they look genuine in the process.


Geminis are a people loving zodiac. They enjoy being around others and enjoy making others happy. On the flip side, a Gemini is capable of emotional aloofness. This zodiac has the ability to detach itself emotionally from others with the same energy and intensity that they tend to enjoy the company of others. An aloof Gemini tends to be apathetic to their surroundings and can be rather insensitive and inconsiderate.


Gemini’s ruling element is Mercury. It is therefore, no wonder that Geminis have the ability to shift from one emotional or mental state to the next in a matter of seconds. This makes this zodiac a rather unpredictable one. The mercurial tendencies of Geminis are often borderline sociopathic.

The erratic change in mood and behavior makes Geminis an impulsive bunch. They will do and, or, say things in the spur of the moment. When this happens, they completely disregard the consequences of their words and, or, actions. If you are hurt or embarrassed by something they have said or done then that is absolutely your personal problem.


We did mention that Geminis have a way with words right? Well, those that tend towards the dark side will often employ this mastery of words for evil. A Gemini has the ability to lie or selectively tell the truth with a straight face. They will twist and turn words and truths to fit their intentions and purpose. Whether or not you know their account of events to be a blatant lie is a non-issue to them.


Being great with people, Geminis will have the inside scoop on the on goings of the lives of the people around them. The up side to this is that you have the chance of having a really great and supportive friend in a Gemini. The down side of this is you run the risk of your dirty laundry being aired in public.

 two faced

Dark Geminis are rather untrustworthy. In your presence, they will be full of praise and words of endearment towards you. The minute you look the other way, they will have nothing but bile and gossip to dish out about you.


Sarcasm is not necessarily a bad thing. It adds some spice to conversation and at times requires a witty audience to interpret it. For Geminis, sarcasm is second nature. While it is not an evil trait, Geminis’ brand of sarcasm can tend towards insults. Again, this is an impulsive sign. They will say and do as they please and if their dark humor and sarcasm are too hot for you to handle then step out of the kitchen will you!


Being around people for Geminis is often a means to an end. This bunch wants to be seen and recognized by those around them. Their drive and motivation for almost everything they do is their need to be accepted by others. This drive for public approval will see Geminis go to great lengths to ensure that they are not only the stars of any show but they are highly likeable.

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