Unknown Dark side of Aries Zodiac Sign

The Aries sign is typically leading the zodiac pack. Believe it or not, this is actually a telltale sign of typical Aries characteristics. Those born under this horoscope are natural born leaders. They tend to be pace setters and not followers.

Needless to say, they are a rather courageous bunch. This energetic lot is not all rainbows and sunshine. They have some dark truths associated with them. Care to discover?

All About Me!

Their ability to take the lead in any situation, LITERALLY ANY SITUATION, is a good thing. However, Aries’ need to be in the lime light does tend to make them a tad obnoxious.

This bunch likes to be the hero. While this is a good thing, it isn’t necessarily for the right reasons. Heroes get all the attention and this zodiac feeds off attention.

Overly Competitive

We mentioned that Aries love to be in the lime light right? Well, their love for the spotlight is so insatiable that they will do just about anything to get there. Everything, even the most mundane of tasks, is a competition or a challenge with this lot. They simply cannot stand their shine being taken by someone else.

arm wrestling

Their competiveness makes them a rather aggressive bunch which is not entirely a bad thing. Their aggressiveness is what gives them the energy and ability to get ahead in life. However, it tends to keep them from seeing the value of team work.

This Zodiac believes they, AND ONLY THEY, know best. Stick them in a group of people with differing schools of thought and watch as the fireworks start. They will instinctively have a problem with anyone that challenges their authority and, or school of thought.

This keeps them from realizing the strengths of their teammates and therefore tends to limit their growth in some instances.

Stubborn Streak

This trait does not necessarily come as a shock. The spiritual sign on the Aries is a ram after all. Rams are known to be hard headed and will just not play to anyone’s tune other than their own.

Their hardheadedness is advantageous when it comes to making those tough life decisions that others simply would be afraid to make.

On the flip side, this trait makes Aries a rather difficult bunch to deal with. They will seldom accept correction even if they know they are wrong. They just do not like to be told what to do. Do not make the mistake of telling them to stay silent.

This zodiac has the ability to talk anyone to their grave. As long as they have a point to prove, an Aries will not shut up about it and no amount of strong arming them will make them stop. If anything, it will just work towards fueling this unreasonable fire.

Arrogance and Anger

By now it should be rather obvious that Aries will tend to be a rather arrogant zodiac. They do not like to be told what to do. You cannot call them out on their mistakes.

You cannot politely differ with them in opinions without it turning into a tuff war of sorts. They want to be heard but not to listen. They believe they are the epitome of wise and sound ideas.

It is, therefore, no wonder that their arrogance comes as second nature. Along with it is their potential for anger. The smallest of arguments can set them off in a monumental way.

Wandering Minds

Wandering minds are often good for creativity and innovation. In the case of an Aries, wandering minds are not necessarily a good thing. This zodiac is often bursting with energy and will take on the first challenge they come across.

wandering mind

This hoping from challenge to challenge often has negative consequences. It is no wander that it takes an Aries a while to truly settle down in anything.

An Aries will jump into a relationship with all they have to offer, something that tends to be too much for most people. Some people have misunderstood an Aries’ passion for the chase to be possessiveness.

In all fairness though, sometimes it simply is over possessiveness. However, as soon as they get bored, they will be out of that relationship faster than their partners can realize.

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