Unknown Dark side of Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Our zodiac signs can be instrumental in telling us a lot about ourselves. A quick glance into the traits of any given zodiac can give you insights on what makes them tick, brings them joy, how they relate to others as well as how they cope with different life scenarios.

People falling under the Aquarius zodiac sign are known to have a number of good things going for them. They are strong willed, music lovers, good listeners and care for those around them.

While they have all these rosy characteristics going for them, they do have a dark side as well. Shall we explore?

Stubborn Streak

We mentioned the fact that they are strong willed yes? Well their will to be the very best versions of themselves is also the downfall of the Aquarius.

While the focus and determination they put into anything they do is to be desired, it is often the cause for the disintegration of their lives.

They tend to put so much energy into what they do they forget to take a break and actually enjoy the company of friends and family around them. This horoscope has been known to have difficulties in maintaining bonds.

This coupled with the fact that they are not the very best zodiac at expressing their emotions is recipe for and emotional and mental explosion.

Opinionated Nature

Another seemingly likeable yet dangerous and borderline dark trait of this zodiac is their opinionated nature. Yes, this zodiac has a mind of its own and dare you tell them their way of thinking is flawed or down right wrong! Aquarius will go to unimaginable lengths to ensure that you eat your words.

opinionated nature

When it comes to proving points this zodiac probably takes the cake. Since they can be so hell bent on proving a point, there is no telling what lengths that they are willing to go in order to do so.

What makes this insatiable need to prove themselves a rather dangerous trait possible of taking rather dark turns is the fact that they are extremely passionate about the ideas they bring forth.

Everything Is An Analytical Problem

Aquarius is an analytical zodiac. They do not just wing it in life. Everything they do has to undergo a rigorous thought process.

That being said, when they have a vendetta against you, they are easily capable of planning out the cruelest of ways to get you back. Remember they have an image to uphold.

This is a caring zodiac. Yes? Well, this holds true for a majority of the zodiac. Depending on the triggers, this caring zodiac can turn into a rather cold, distant person lacking empathy.

When they get absorbed into a given idea, especially when put into a situation where they have to defend themselves or their ideological stance, they tend to detach from the world around them. This detachment is a key factor of their exhibition of cold hearted, cruel behavior.

What’s worse is the fact that this zodiac tends to naturally have an understanding of how societies generally work. When they do go dark side, they tend to be dangerous due to their ability to tweak the system to the detriment of their foes.

Wild Cards

Aquarius have a rather sunny side up personality and it takes quite a bit of effort to drive them to a point of anger. While they seem to possess the ability to stay level headed and composed even when angry they do have extremes.


In their extreme angry state, they can tend to be dangerous due to their erratic nature. Even when happy, Aquarius is a bit of a wild card.

Couple this unpredictability with anger and their nark for proving points then you have a ticking time bomb.

Before You Go…..

It is important to note that these traits are not necessarily set in stone for all that are born under this zodiac. Some Aquarius are perfectly capable of handling their dark extremes and maintain that caring, light-filled personalities.

It would, therefore, be rather unfair to claim that all Aquarius possess these dark and potentially dangerous traits.

If you happen to be close to an Aquarius, keep an eye out for these character traits and help steer them back into the light. Just be sure not to make it look or feel like you are strong arming them into doing anything.

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