These are the most morally corrupt zodiac signs out there!

Are there zodiac signs more morally corrupt than others?

As the magic eight ball says: Signs point to yes.

It’s not that the following signs are eviler than others, nor that they’re driven to do bad things or that they’re naturally bad people.

Anyone can do bad things, no matter their sign.

What happens here is that the following individuals tend to have a rather unique moral compass, and their sense of morality tends to be silly-putty flexible.

Think of it this way:

Some people out there see the world in black and white. Some people see things in shades of gray.

The following signs?

They see things in yellow and purple. (Or green, blue, pink, etc.)


Naturally inclined towards making up their own rules, Aquarians won’t always stick to what other people consider moral bounds.

Unlike other signs in this list, Aquarians have their own rigid sense of honor and morality; it’s just that said code may not match what’s socially acceptable.

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Fiercely independent, sometimes to the point of their detriment, Aries will break the rules just because.

This sign has never been good at following rules for the sake of following rules.

They’ll analyze the rules and follow them only if they agree with them. Those rules that can be broken or bent will be promptly ignored.

Simply put, Aries does what Ares wants, and they rarely think about how that will affect others.


One of the most wishy-washy signs out there, Geminis find it hard to stick to a determined set of morals, particularly if it’s been imposed by someone else.

They might be okay following rules one day, only to oppose those same rules the next.

Gemini might make promises that they know they’ll break, or may mean them when they make them, but not once it’s time to collect.

Unlike other signs in this list, they’re well aware of the difference between moral and immoral. It’s just that that sometimes they feel like going to the dark side to try out something new.

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Like Gemini, Sagittarius are capable of jumping from one side of the moral compass to the other.

Unlike Gemini, however, they do it on purpose.

Sagittarius will play by the rules whenever it’s convenient to them but have no problem breaking them when it benefits them.

Duplicitous and with a mind for manipulation, they’ll jump back and forth on rules, regulations and even their own values if they think they can get something out of it.

Simply put, you never what a Sagittarius will do next.


Don’t let them lighthearted, and open personalities charm you. Libras aren’t opposed to playing you a fool if they think they can get away with it.

Libras love the thrill of getting one over someone else and getting free things, so they’re more than capable of charming you out of your socks just for the sake of it.

Though much more willing to follow the rules than most other signs in this list, they tend to respect only those that can get them in hot water legally.

Social and moral reprehension have never been powerful weapons against this sign.

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